Why is My Xerox Printer Printing Blank Pages?

Why is My Xerox Printer Printing Blank Pages?

Fix Xerox Printer Printing Blank Pages - Get a Descriptive Guide to Fix!

There are so many reasons and technical issues that can occur in your printer devices. Having blank pages, Paper jams, etc has now become so common that you can easily fix such issues by performing some ways. Technical issues can be the reasons for your printer printing blank pages, even that can be fixed.

If you are a Xerox printer user and for some reason, your printer device is printing blank pages, you do not need to worry. The guide mentioned below will help you know about the same. If you are wondering about Why does my Xerox printer prints blank pages, there can be various reasons for a printer to print blank pages. All you have to do is follow the information mentioned here.

Follow the Steps to Fix Xerox Printer Printing Blank Pages:

  • Check the original document for blank pages.
  • Check the network cable is securely connected to the printer.
  • Perform software reset or power off and power on as needed.
  • Otherwise, print using CentreWare Internet Services (CWIS).
  • Remove and reinstall the printer driver on Windows OS.
  • Perform on-demand or manual image overwrites from Control Panel or CWIS.

How Do I Fix Xerox Printer Printing Blank Pages?

Check the Document File:

If your printer device is printing blank pages, you make sure that the file inserted in the computer device is printing the pages in the original document like a PDF. In such cases, the printer gives blank pages regardless of the data you want to print.

Check the Network Cable:

To check whether your cable is properly connected to the printer device or not, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Locate your device and printer at an appropriate distance from each other.
  • Now, unplug your cable cord connected to both devices.
  • Examine properly whether the cable cod you are using is working well or not.
  • Insert the cable cord again into the system and your printer device.

Perform Software Reset Methods:

If the Fuji Xerox printer printing blank pages, again and again, you can reset your printer software which will wipe out all the personalized settings from your printer device and come to the default ones. Also, you can restart your computer and your printer device to get a fine result.

Remove and Reinstall the Printer Driver:

Even after trying all the above-mentioned ways, your printer device is still giving errors regarding the printing, all you need to do is just uninstall your printer driver from the computer system and install it again. After doing this, you can install the new printer driver if your Xerox printer prints extra blank pages even after the above trials. Installing the new printer driver according to the system you are using. Using the correct printer drivers helps a lot.

  • Press on the “Start” menu and then to the “Devices and Printers” section.
  • Now, from the right corner, you have to click on “Remove Device”.
  • After that, download the new printer driver from the Xerox website.
  • When the new driver is downloaded, reinstall it.

So, the above guide will help you fix your printer print blank pages issues and if the problems still exist, contact the technician of Xerox printer and get all the queries clear. If your Xerox copier printing blank pages, you can get on to the nearest technical stores to fix all the problems with your Xerox printer.

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