How to Troubleshoot a Kyocera Printer?

How do I troubleshoot my Kyocera printer?

Are you having trouble with your Kyocera printer? You have come to the exact right place. We are about to share a Kyocera printer troubleshooting guide to help people understand printer problems with your Kyocera printers. Let us consider some of the main questions that one can refer to in order to troubleshoot the Kyocera printer.

People need to follow the below-mentioned steps in order to get instant solutions for the Kyocera printer. People need to perform troubleshooting skills to get instant help without a printer technician. Here are some of the steps that one needs to follow in order to fix the Kyocera printer.

Steps to Troubleshoot Kyocera Printers:

  • First and foremost, people need to lift the top cover of their Kyocera printer to access the scanner glass.
  • You need to spray the glass surface lightly with a non-abrasive glass cleaner. This is the next step.
  • Remove dirt from the corners of the glass using a cotton swab dipped in a glass cleaner.
  • Individuals need to open the front of the printer in order to access the ink or toner cartridge.
  • People need to check whether the cartridges are leaking or not. Properly clean the cartridges using a wet cloth.
  • Assemble printer components and restart your printer after plugging in the cable.
  • This will troubleshoot your printer from scratch. Give commands to your Kyocera printer to check whether the problem is resolved or not.

This is how you can deal with the Kyocera printer problems without any help from the printer technician.

What errors are faced by users of Kyocera printers?

Individuals can face multiple errors with their Kyocera printers. It is mandatory to find the right help for your Kyocera printer device if you are able to detect the right error code causing issues with your problem. Some of the below-mentioned error codes are common for Kyocera printers:

  • COO30 - Fax PWB problem. Fax problems with software and hardware issues.
  • COO60 - main PWB type mismatch error.
  • COO70 - Fax software is not compatible with the main PWB software.
  • CO130 - EEPROM cannot be written or read. EEPROM backup memory device problem.
  • CO140 - abnormal reading data from EEPROM.
  • CO150 - EEPROM backup memory device problem.
  • CO160 - read and write data do not match five times consecutively.
  • CO170 - copy counts problem. A checksum error is detected in the main and engine backup memories for copy counters.
  • CO180 - machine number mismatch error. The machine number does not match on main and engine PWBs.
  • CO600 - main PWB DIMM installed incorrectly.
  • CO610 - main PWB DIMM error.
  • CO640 - hard disk drive cannot be accessed.
  • CO700 - optional CF backup is not suitable.
  • CO800 - image processing problem. JAM05 id detected twice.

How do I fix my Kyocera printer error?

People need to select Kyocera printer help for instant support with printer devices. You can connect with the technician representatives at Kyocera for help by getting in touch with the representatives.

You can dial the technician helpline to get help and assistance with your printer device. One can contact the representatives using the helpline number.

There will be a short waiting time before your call connects with the technician representatives. You can get help with troubleshooting your printer devices.

Is your wifi at fault?

People can check the connections for their printers. If you are unable to perform troubleshooting for your wifi, you need to contact the technician representatives at your service provider to get help with your wifi connections. People can troubleshoot their wifi connections by unplugging the wifi from the socket. Wait for a while and plug in the router again. This will troubleshoot wifi errors that may cause problems with your Kyocera printer.

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