Why does my Canon printer say it is not connected?

Why does my Canon printer say not connected?

Canon is one of the best companies for printers. It helps to print any image, document, or file. There are times when your Canon printer says not connected, which results in a delay in your work. But don't worry; this page will give you all the information about why your printer is showing this error and what you can do to fix it through troubleshooting ways like resetting the printer, checking network connections, etc. After knowing about it, you can use these troubleshooting ways to fix the error.

Reasons Why Canon Printer Shows "Not Connected" Error

  • An issue in connection wire: There can be any fault in the connection wire between the printer and your computer or laptop. This faulty wire can be the reason for your printer showing not being connected.
  • Poor connection: If your printer is connected with wifi or LAN and has poor networks and makes trouble in connection.
  • PC updates: When your computer is not updated, your printer can also show no connection error. So make sure your system is updated.
  • The printer's driver is not working: A printer comes with a drive connected to the PC. When this driver is not installed properly, then the connection between the printer and computer is not completed properly.

Troubleshooting Methods to Fix Canon Printer No Connection Error

  • Restart your printer: The first thing they should always do when they encounter this type of error while using the printer is restart the printer. Unplug the printer's plug from the socket, put it back in, and then press the green button on the printer to start it again.
  • Reset the printer: After restarting your printer does not work, you can reset it to default settings. You have to find the reset button on the printer's back side and press it hard for a maximum of 20 seconds and then restart your printer. After doing this, your printer will reset back to its original settings.
  • Check your internet connection: If you have connected your printer to wifi or LAN, please make sure that you have a good network connection. If your networks are not good, then switch to a better network.
  • System and printer connected to the same network: There are times when you think of why my PC can't connect to my Canon printer. In that case, check whether the printer and system are connected to the same networks. If they are connected to different networks, connect them to the same network.
  • Check the Bluetooth connection: When your system and printer are connected with Bluetooth, make sure that they are placed near each other to have a strong connectivity network. Try to reconnect your printer again with BlueTooth.
  • Check the cables: If your printer is linked to the system with a USB cable, then ensure that your cable is working properly. You can remove and reinsert the cable again.
  • Ensure your driver Of the Printer Is Installed: The printer comes with a driver which is supposed to be installed in your system, so make sure that it is installed. If it is already installed, try to reinstall it again, and don't forget to restart your system again after installing the driver. Without drivers, you won't be able to connect to the printer as they are the link that connects your printer to your personal computer.

Some other troubleshooting methods

Use printer troubleshooter on your computer: In this method, you have to troubleshoot the printer from the PC's settings. Follow the steps given below;

  • Click on the start button of your window.
  • And navigate to the control panel and look for the troubleshooter option.
  • And then, select the printer from the list and click on next.
  • Select your printer from the list and press next for troubleshooting.

Ensure your print spooler service: It is very important to turn on the spooler service to print from the printer. To know how to check it, then follow these instructions;

  • Go to the start button on your PC and click on the search button.
  • And search for services, then search for printer spooler and right-click on it.
  • Go to properties and check whether it is on or not.
  • If it's off, click on it, turn it on, and press ok to confirm the settings.

Hopefully, after going through and following the steps, your Canon printer showing not connected error is removed. If your problem is not solved after trying all the ways, you can contact the technician of Canon printer.

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