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Printer Not Printing Black

Let's Know What do You do If Your Printer is not Printing Black Ink

The printer is regarded as the most used across varied domains. Today it is not just a peripheral device but an important machine that has found its way into every nook and corner. Whatever one needs on paper could easily be printed with the help of a printer. However, there are certain instances where people are met with certain glitches and problems as far as printers are concerned. These are common printing errors that could be easily tackled with some great technical help. Now if you are facing a certain error or printing error as far as your printer is concerned, then there are certain things that one could resort to in order to get rid of the printer not printing black error. Follow to the end and get details about the same.

Firstly, it is advised to stick to some basic steps and techniques that will bring about a change in your printer if you are facing certain errors, glitches, or problems. The steps that one could take in order to restore printer print black pages are as follows:

  • The first thing that one needs to do in order to restore the proper functioning of the printer is to unplug it from the power source by turning it off. And then start disconnecting all the USB cables that are attached to your printer. Wait for a while and then plug it in again to restart your printing device.
  • After switching it on, the next thing that you must do is print a ‘Quality Diagnostic report’ or a ‘Print test page’. This option is easily spotted on the printer’s display screen, or else you could run some checks on your printer user guide for a step-by-step tutorial.
  • You could also try and run some checks on the ink levels in your cartridges. This will allow you a scope through which you could double-check the ink volume. Note that aftermarket cartridges won’t show the ink levels.

How do I Get my Printer to Print in Black?

There are certain tried and tested ways that one could stick to if their printer is not printing black. The commonly used techniques and tips are listed down under:

Examine Your Ink Cartridge:

  • The first and foremost thing that is advised in case you are looking for printing errors is to remove the empty cartridges, if any, and replace them with the newly filled ink cartridges.
  • You are also advised to run some checks on whether the new cartridges have been snapped in the right and appropriate place. This will make sure that things work fine and do not affect the normal functioning of your printing device.
  • While mounting a new cartridge, the users must also check whether they have removed the tape over the vent as this may also cause the printer is not printing black error. Hence it is always advised to check for these minor errors that may hamper the functioning of your printing device.
  • You must also examine the vents of the cartridges that you installed on your printing device. Clogged vents will give you the error that is Printer won't print black and therefore it is recommended to use a pin if you are about to clean the vent to restore the proper functioning of the cartridges.
  • You can also check whether certain cartridges are supported by your printing device or not. To do so, you must use a different cartridge. You could try and mount an old cartridge to check whether the output is coming or not. You can go for any grey shade to check the same.

Scrutinize the Print Head:

Another important thing that one must look for is the printhead that may have been on the default side and thus you are facing the printer won't print black error continuously while trying to print using your printing device. If you are done checking the cartridges and still are facing issues with printing in black then it is time where one needs to examine the print head for defects. In order to do so, users may perform the following steps:

  • When you have already tried swapping the ink cartridges and still are facing the error then it is high time where you need to run some examination of the print head that may have been the first faulty piece, causing printing troubles for you. It is therefore suggested to run the automatic print head cleaning. The steps for the same are easily available on your printer user’s guide and one is advised to look for the same. The automatic cleaning function can be performed two or three times. Not to mention, that it also takes up a lot of ink but then ink is of no use if nothing is coming out of the printer. So go ahead and run the automatic printer cleaning function.
  • In order to troubleshoot clogs, the users are advised to stick to the automatic cleaning feature that supports print head cleaning and eliminates the chances of errors as far as printers are concerned. It is often regarded as the most convenient way of freeing the printer of clogs that hampers its efficiency in printing black. Nevertheless, if you are able to remove the print head from your printer then it is better to stick to manual cleaning of the print head as it produces great results.
  • Realigning your printer is another option that is available in order to get rid of the printer won't print black issues. To perform the same all you need to do is visit the LCD display screen on your printing devices and then select the ‘Setup’ option followed by the ‘Tools’ option.

Our main goal here is to determine the source of the problems and therefore one must run checks on the print head as well as the cartridges. This way you will be able to find out what exactly is the root cause of the problem. If both things are effectively working and still you are facing a printer not printing black error then what follows next is what you need to stick to in order to rescue yourself from the printing problems and errors.

Advanced Troubleshooting:

The advance fixes are appropriate if you have tried and tested all the other methods that are mentioned above. The next thing that comes into the picture is to run some checks on the software and the printer driver. There have been recorded instances where defects have been found with the printer’s software or the printer driver. If this is the case with you then it is recommended to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • The most preferred and common way to deal with this issue is to tweak the paper settings. To do so the users are advised to make certain changes to the printer's configuration by selecting the ‘glossy photo paper’ option. This will surely bring back the functioning of the printer. Changing the paper form will surely produce some great results.
  • You could also try installing and reinstalling the printer drivers. This will only help if you have recently modified your device (PC or MAC operating system). You are advised to check your printer manufacturer’s website to get your hands on a downloadable edition.

Are there any issues with printheads with market ink cartridges?

Well, certainly not. But there are instances where one may get faulty cartridges which may cause the printer not to print black errors. Maybe it's high time to replace your old printer and you should get a new one as many other variables may affect the usual functioning of your printing device.

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