What to Do If a Laser Printer Is Printing Blank Pages?

Why are my Laser Printer Printing Blank Pages?

Nowadays, printer is available in almost every school, office, and household. It is an essential device that helps you in your office work or to your kid in their school projects and while making memory also. If you have a Laser printer and suddenly it starts printing blank pages. And if you have a deadline from your office or you are working on an important document and files, you all must get frustrated. But there are ways by which you can fix your printer without the help of any mechanic. And if you know how to fix a Laser printer printing blank pages, then you will immediately fix it, and you will send your work on time. It is so easy to fix it on yourself if you want to know how to keep reading.

Suddenly when your printer starts printing blank pages, you can get an immediate check that you might have run out of ink. Then you can replace ink cartridges with new ones once then your printer starts working properly. But if after this also it not started working there are other reasons you can check whether your cartridge is installed properly or not.

What Causes a Laser Printer to Print Blank Pages?

Don't panic; just follow the steps written below to get your printer fixed.

Ways to Fix Laser Printer Printing Blank Pages:

1. Restart the Printer

There is one trick by which your printer might work; most devices start working with this. Reset your printer for resetting. Follow the steps written down.

  • Long press the printer power button and when till the printer gets shut down.
  • Disconnects all the cord from the power socket, wait for some time, and then reconnect all the cords to the same place.
  • Press the power button of your laser printer and turn on the printer, then try to print and see if it is fixed.

2. Solve the Ink and Toner Cartridge Problem

Sometimes there is a problem with the ink and toner cartridges. That's why your printer is not able to print properly; follow the steps written to make sure your cartridge is in good condition or not.

  • Check the ink level to know if there is sufficient ink or not, and if the ink is not enough, you have to replace the empty one with the new one.
  • Make sure your ink cartridge is not damaged from anywhere. If you see anything faulty, replace it as soon as possible.
  • You have to make sure that your ink cartridge is installed properly; if not, remove the ink tank and reinstall it properly one by one. And make sure this time you place the tank properly.

3. Automatically Clean the Print Head

If you have an inkjet printer, you have to unclog the print head using the printer's cleaning cycle. You have the option to activate this cycle from your printer control panel, or you can activate the printer properties from your computer control panel. You can select the deep cleaning option; simple cleaning does not work in unclogging the print head.

4. Manually Clean the Print Head

If the previous method fails, you can opt for a manual cleaning approach. There are two types of print heads. Use protective gloves to protect your hand from the Ink. Here are the steps to clear your printer head manually.

  • Open the ink cartridge and uninstall all ink cartridge units from the slot. Take out the print head from the carriage carefully.
  • Wipe off dried Ink on the print head using a cloth with a warm printer. Clean the nozzle area until it gets cleaned properly.
  • Put the printhead in a bowl with warm water for 10 -12 minutes. Don't put hot water. Just use a warm one; after that, clean it with a paper towel and place it on the paper until it soaks the water fully.
  • Reinstall the print head back in the carriage once it's fully dry.
  • Check a nozzle check to confirm if the print head is clean or not before you start a printer.

By these, you might fix the laser printer printing blank pages, but if all these steps do not work, then you have to consult a technician.

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