How to Add Brother Printer to Mac? [Learn]

How to Add Brother Printer to Mac?

Want To Add Brother Printer To Mac OS? Here Is The Detailed Info

Brother Printer is a well-known product of a Japanese company that specializes in various hardware devices. The latest versions of Brother printers are available which vary according to size and configuration. The printing quality is always improved in the latest products for better and smooth printing.

Get Info About Setup Brother Printer On Mac

Although Brother printers are known for their best printing quality but there are times when a user requires assistance regarding the setup of the printer. If a user wants to know how to set up a Brother printer on a Mac device, then simply the below-mentioned steps are followed:

1. The first step is to switch the Brother Printer and get it unplugged from the power socket. If any other cables are there, detach them also.

2. In the next step, choose the type of connection to proceed:

For USB Users

  • For this, the user is required to plug the Brother printer into the power socket.
  • Then, the printer is connected to the Mac device by a USB cable.

For Wireless Network Users

  • Plug the Brother printer into the power socket and turn the printer power on.
  • After that, you will need to set up a brother printer on the wireless network.

For Wired Network Users

  • In this process, the user needs to connect the network cable to the computer and printer.
  • Then, plug the power cable into the printer and socket and then turn on the machine.

3. After that, the user needs to click the Apple menu on the Mac device and select the System preferences option in the drop-down menu.

4. The next step is to click the icon for Print & Fax.

5. Then, click on the + icon which is there on the left side.

6. In the next step, click the Default menu. Then, select the Brother printer name in the available printer list.

7. Further, Confirm that the correct printer is listed for Print Using and Add button to start printing.

For the CUPS Driver:

  • Make sure that XXXXXXX + CUPS is recorded for Print Using or Use. (Where XXXXXXX is the machine model name.)

For PostScript Driver (not accessible for all printer models):

  • Make sure that XXXXXXX BR-Script or XXXXXXX PS is recorded for Print Using or Use. (Where XXXXXXX is the machine model name.)

For AirPrint-compatible printer models:

  • If the AirPrint driver is chosen, at that point you won't have the full functionality of the printer driver. Rather, we suggest that you pick the CUPS Driver, as point by point above, for the most complete functionality

8. Finally, the machine gets added to the list of Print & Fax.

9. Once done, close the system preferences section.

Info About Add my Brother Printer Using Mac OS

There are a number of times when multiple printers are connected to one device and there is no spacing for adding more printers. For this, unused printers are removed and new one is added. If a user wants to know how to add Brother printer to Mac, then simply follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • The first step is to click the Apple icon and then the System Preferences option is selected.
  • Then, select the option of Printers and Scanners.
  • After that, click on the printer name which is not in use and remove it from the list.
  • Once removed, the user can simply add the new printer by adding it to the list of paired devices.

What To Do If Brother Printer Not Connected?

In case, the user is unable to connect Brother Printer to the Mac device, then the below-mentioned steps are followed to resolve the issue:

  • Launch the Airport utility which is available in the Utilities folder under the Applications folder.
  • Then, choose the base station and enter the password, when asked.
  • After that, click the option of Add WPS printer option from the main menu.
  • Further, choose either the First attempt or PIN for allowing a WPS connection and click Continue.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the process.
  • Once it is done, activate the Airport utility to check the connectivity.

All these steps will help in resolving the issue but if there is still any query or a user wants to know how to add a Brother printer on Mac, customer support can be contacted. The executives in the support team will provide the best solution and suitable assistance to the users. The details of contact are easily available on the official website of Brother Printer.

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