Brother Printer Won't Print? | Not Printing Black

Brother Printer Won't Print

Here You Can Learn If Your Brother Printer Is Not Printing Black Then How To Fix It

Brother Printer, known for its eye-catching design, less fuel consumption, and simple functionality, is changing by the day as well as the needs of individuals and IT companies. It is easy to install and provides hassle-free functionality. Even though it is known for its hassle-free performance, this printing machine sometimes refuses to print black and white papers. On some other occasions, the Brother Printer won't print anything. Here you will know how to deal with a Brother printer if it is not working.

Brother Printer Won't Print Black and White Paper

Your printer is not printing black and white papers. Do you have a Brother MFC 290c printer or a Brother LC61 printer? This issue usually happens in these models of Brother printers. If you are facing this issue, we request you to make sure that your color ink is full. While printing black and white documents, color printers usually give error messages until and unless the cartridge is full.

Brother Printer Won't Print Color Documents

Is Brother Printer not printing a color document? Your Brother printer is defaulting to fax instead of printing color paper. You should know that the problem we are talking about is a temporary problem. It is related to your printer’s settings. Navigate to the START menu and open the CONTROL PANEL window. You will get the option to FIX THE PROBLEM if you make a right-click.

If your Brother DCP-9045 CDN printer is giving you an error message whenever it is getting printing instructions, you should look after its troubleshooting. Your printer is not printing even after replacing the toner. To troubleshoot this problem, navigate to the START menu and open the CONTROL PANEL window. Now you are supposed to press the clear/back button while opening the cover at the same time when the problem appears.

Brother Printer Not Printing Black

Learn More About How To Fix Brother Printer Not Printing Black Issue

Brother printers are quite reliable printers when it comes to producing high-quality prints. It provides advanced features with very exceptional accessibility to the users making it easy to do every task. Also, sometimes, users get stuck on a minute issue such that the Brother printer won’t print black. In that case, if you are one of those users who are looking for some steps to fix the Brother printer black ink is not a working issue. Then you need to follow this post immediately. As here you will get a full explanation of your query.

Things You Need To Do For Resolving Brother Printer Issue

  • It has been seen many times that due to the accumulation of small particles or dust can block the paper and create an issue in printing black.
  • Additionally, there is another reason behind it that an empty cartridge or insufficient ink in the cartridge can obstruct the printing black color on the Brother printer.
  • Also, filling more than the required ink in the cartridge can be an issue due to overflowing, the ink gets mixed and the issue appears.
  • Further, if you don't use your Brother printer for a long time, in that case, the cartridge gets dry which may you suffer.

In this way, you will require to check all the mentioned mistakes and fix the issue on your own in order to get rid of the issue of the Brother printer not printing black. Furthermore, you can go through the given steps to fix the issues.

Troubleshooting Ways to Solve Brother Printer Won't Print Black

You would require setting up the Brother printers on default settings as sometimes it has been recognized that due to change in the default printer settings, Brother printer not working issue arises.

  • If you're running on multiple printing instructions, in that situation, detect the fault; cancel all the running print commands.
  • And then start a new command to print the file one by one.

In this way, you will be able to get rid of the issue of the Brother printer won't print black. If these steps won't work then contact the customer service team.

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  1. Avatar
    Deborah Walker 2019-03-29 14:01:00
    Hey dear, my name is Deborah Walker, can you help me? I am very upset because my brother printer not printing black color properly

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  2. Avatar
    Printer Support Plus 2019-03-29 15:00:00
    How To Fix Brother Printer Not Print Black Issue Brother printers as you might be aware is another renowned brand that is used by zillions of people on a daily basis for printing purposes. However, there are many users who face issues with the product which include the Brother printer not printing black properly which is basically a very common issue. Fortunately, one can easily fix this issue by simply following the steps provided or one can also contact the support team. But, before heading on with the solution, let's know a bit about the cause of this issue. Cause Of Brother Printer Not Printing Black Issue: Well, there are many reasons that can lead to this issue, but some of the common cause includes the following: 1. Breather tape not removed properly from the top of the cartridge. 2. Cartridge not installed properly. 3. Use of low-quality generic cartridge. Besides, there are various other reasons that can lead to this issue which can be confirmed once you check the printer properly or contact support. Ways To Fix Brother Printing Not Printing Black: 1. In case, if your Brother printer suddenly stops printing black, you are required to ensure that the breather tape is removed from the cartridge. 2. Further, you can also try cleaning the black ink nozzle to a maximum of 2 times under the LCD menu. 3. Ensure that the cartridge is recognized by your device. And if not, make sure you add the Brother printer to your printer list to fix the Brother printer won't print black issue. 4. Besides, you can also try printing black images with the highest print quality. This simple tip helps in cleaning up the nozzles. 5. And none of the solutions work, you can use the printhead cleaning kit to remove the dried ink stored. Hence, these were the few solutions to fix the Brother printer not printing black issues. Besides, to help you avoid the Brother printer printing issue, here are a few tips that you keep in mind: 1. Print on a regular basis to prevent ink from setting 2. Make sure that your printer is not placed near a warm place 3. Use high-quality generic cartridges to avoid printing issue

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  3. Avatar
    Danny Baker 2019-05-10 06:31:00
    This information is not working on this printer, I have a brother mfc-j4510dw and why is my brother printer won't print black without color?

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  4. Avatar
    Why is my Brother Printer not Printing Black? – Get Help for Printer Issues by Printer Support Plus 2019-05-22 06:59:00
    […] there can be many other reasons behind the Brother Printer not printing black while some of them are mentioned here. Let us now tell you how to get rid of such […]

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  5. Avatar
    How to Fix Brother Printer not Printing Color? - 2020-02-07 06:01:00
    […] above-described steps can help to fix the Brother Printer Won't Print problems in a very simple manner […]

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  6. Avatar
    Juan 2020-06-20 10:21:00
    Only my black ink causes trouble on printing..and other colors work fine...

    Reply to Juan

  7. Avatar
    Sarah Ann Smith 2020-07-28 06:31:00
    My Brother printer worked for 1 year, now it continuously disconnects from the wifi network. Unplugging and resetting every time and re-entering the password, I need to print is ridiculous.

    Reply to Sarah Ann Smith

  8. Avatar
    David B 2020-07-29 15:59:00
    I have a Brother MFC-290c printer that has set up for a long time, changed the black cartridge as it suggested. connected to my laptop to print and it would go through the task but the paper would come out blank.

    Reply to David B

  9. Avatar
    Gary Knox 2021-07-06 15:52:00
    I'll never purchase another BROTHER. My last one was a BROTHER with the exact same issue. It wouldn't print black!!

    Reply to Gary Knox

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