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How Do I Update my Brother Printer Firmware?

Learn How do I Update the Firmware on my Brother Printer Mac and Windows

The printer in today’s time is a very basic property that almost every organization owns. Whether you own any small startup or work for a big MNC, printers are required everywhere. Nobody these days prefers writing. Either people share information over text and email or people prefer to keep copies of data to keep a record of any data, information, or major paperwork. And usually, for all kinds of paperwork, the Printer is used on a daily basis. Installing a printer is just not enough. In fact, the life span of any printer is long only if it’s looked after. And that’s why printer firmware is used. Basically, Printer Firmware is a kind of program that is installed in a printer when it’s first manufactured. A firmware guides a printer to ensure that it functions properly and is well connected to an apple or windows device. Brother Printer Firmware Update is one such that is used for managing the performance of any printer. So if you also want to ensure the performance of your printer then you can easily follow the steps for Brother Printer Firmware Update. But before following the steps to update your printer there are a few things one should know about Brothers printer firmware update.

Key Features Of Brother Printer Firmware Update:

  • If you are planning to invest in Brother’s printer then you should know they are kind of costly. But if you invest in them then they are long-lasting as well as durable.
  • Brother printers are capable of printing both wide-format documents as well as small and medium businesses.
  • Brother Inkjet printers are ideal for places like schools, normal shops, or companies with few employees.
  • Brother printers offer an all-in-one service of printing, scanning, copying, and faxing, and that too from a single machine.
  • And Brother Printer is a perfect choice to place somewhere with limited space.

If you already own a Brother printer and want to keep it long-lasting then you should keep updating it from time to time. Before updating the printer keep in mind that once you have updated your machine you will lose some of your saved print data, call records, journals, outgoing messages, and a lot more. For updating your printer you can follow the below steps.

Important Points To Consider Before Updating Your Brother Printer Firmware

Listed below are the points to remember before you start updating your Brother Printer firmware:

  • The following data will be deleted after the update process is finished. This also depends on the model of your Brother machine. Like Secured Print Data, Caller ID logs, Journal reports, Outgoing Messages, etc.
  • Once the Firmware Update process starts, it might take up to 15 minutes. This is the reason that you do not turn off or reboot your PC or laptop until the update process is finished.
  • If you are using your printing device via printing sharing to print your files then the firmware update will not take place. This also applies to the situation if your Brother printer is connected to a different PC or laptop.

Update the Brother Printer Firmware using the Tool

Steps to Update Brother Printer Firmware:

  • First, you print a test page from the PC device to verify your machine can print.
  • Download the “Firmware Update Tool” from the official website
  • Browse to the location where the file is saved and double-click.
  • Choose the device you are using be it “Macintosh” or “Windows”.

For Macintosh:

  • Click the installer package application “FirmwareUpdateTool.pkg or brmainXXXX.dmg” and click “Continue”.
  • The uncertainty prompted, choose which users to install this software for and click the “Continue” button. Now click “Install”.
  • If prompted to put your password, insert your Mac password and click “Install Software”.
  • Click the “FirmwareUpdater.jar” file.
  • Choose your preferred language and click “Continue”.
  • Choose the way your device is connected to the Internet and click “Continue”.
  • Select your device from the list and click “Next” or Continue.

For Windows:

  • Once you have applied all the common steps now see for any security window that will appear with the option to run, save or cancel and click “Run”.
  • Another security window may appear, click “Run” or “Continue”.
  • Select the device you want to update and click “Next” or “Continue”.

The Final Step for Brother Firmware Update Tool on Mac and Windows:

  • Once done coming back to the common steps a window will appear asking about the type of information collected during a firmware update. If you agree tap on “I accept” or “Yes”.
  • Now Information regarding the type of data that will be deleted once you complete your update will appear. Go through that carefully and click “Next” and “Continue”.
  • You will be again asked for a password, enter the machine’s password, and then tap “OK” to continue.
  • Hence you are done with all the steps. And now the update process will start. Have patience since it will take 15 minutes to get updated.
  • Once the firmware update process gets completed. you will receive a notification of “Successfully Completed”.
  • Now either tap on continue for updating another machine or done for finishing it.
  • If all the steps are complete you will see ‘no update needed’ but if in between the process, the power goes off you might have to start again.

And you are done with updating your Brother’s printer firmware. Also in case if you face any query or issue then reach out to the technician team for more help.

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