Brother Printer Default Password | WiFi Password

Brother Printer Default Password

A Short User Manual For The Brother Printer Users

Printing machines have been a vital part of our professional space in recent years. We all expect fast, accurate, and high-quality printing that is with the minimum number of errors. That is the reason; the use of Brother printers is increasing on a yearly basis. These printers are attractive in design, less ink-consuming, and require fewer maintenance expenses.

If the user finds any difficulty in the Brother printer default password then read the below steps to solve the issue. One can find an exact solution to their question. Go through the below steps.

Brother Printer default password:

  • Click on the Start button on your printing machine and select All Programs
  • Then you need to select Brother, MFC-XXXX LAN or MFC-XXXX, and Remote Setup
  • Enter your password if your printing machine is connected via a Network
  • Now you have to enter your password
  • The default password for most of the models of Brother printer is "access"
  • You can also use Web-Based Management or BRAdmin Light to change this password

1. USER:

User Name - user

Password - access


User Name - admin

Password - access

This is the default username and password on most Brother printers.

To Change the Password of Brother Printer:

  • Open your internet browser.
  • Type "http://machine's IP address" in your web location bar. (For example - http://123.456.7.8)
  • In the Log-in field, Enter the default log-in password initpass.
  • Click the "Administrator" tab.
  • If you don't find the "Administrator" tab, then click the "Login Password".
  • In the Type New Password field, type the password you need to utilize.
  • In the Confirm New Password box, type the new password again.
  • Click the "Submit" button.

Brother Printer WiFi Password

However, these printers need Brother printer wifi passwords when connected to the wifi networks. But yes, a reset is necessary. We invite you to reset your wifi password if you are using a wifi network. Here is the manual for resetting the WiFi password.

Brother Printer WiFi Password:

  • Do you have the password and network name for your wireless network?
  • If not, find them from the backside of your modem
  • Open the Control Panel window and press the Menu button
  • Select Settings or Spanner & Screwdriver now
  • Also, make the selection of all settings
  • Scroll downwards to Network and hit Ok
  • Again, scroll downwards to Network reset and hit the Ok icon
  • Press 1 to say yes
  • Confirm the reboot by pressing 1 again
  • Your Brother printer will start rebooting
  • The printer will ask you to Setup Wi-Fi after the reboot is complete
  • Press Ok three times and launch Setup Wizard
  • Now you will have to choose your Wi-Fi Network
  • Select No if you are prompted to use WPS
  • Enter your Wi-Fi password
  • Press Ok and 1 for applying the changes
  • You will then see the Connection Ok report which will ensure a successful reset of the password

How do I Reset my WiFi Password on my Brother Printer?

This section will give you the shortest method of resetting your wifi password. A Brother printer user can reset his/her printing machine by navigating the Control Panel section. If you want to reset your password, you are requested to check whether your printer is network-ready for printing. If it is not ready, you may face challenges in printing the papers. However, printer password reset through the Control Panel is the shortest way of resetting the printer. Here are the steps for resetting the Brother printer password.

Steps to Reset the Brother Printer Password:

  • Disconnect all the cables connected to your printer, except the power cable
  • Now you need to navigate the Control Panel window
  • Press Menu or Menu/Set then
  • Select LAN or Network
  • Move upstairs or downstairs to select Menu/Set or OK
  • After that, you are supposed to select an option from Factory Reset or Network Reset
  • Select Menu/Set, Set, or Ok
  • Click on Reset and select the Yes icon
  • Your printing machine will restart soon
  • Re-connect all the disconnected cables to start printing

Would you like to know more things about the printing machine reset? Make a telephone conversation with the support engineers associated with the manufacturing company. Simply dial the official technician number and ask how to reset the Brother printer password. Apart from offering an exclusive range of printing machines, this company is also instrumental in assisting printing machine users with flawless customer support.

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  1. Avatar
    zennifer watson 2019-05-07 10:23:00
    My brother printer default password hl-l2350dw not working? Where i can get help?

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  2. Avatar
    KostyaBelarus 2020-01-09 13:55:00

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  3. Avatar
    Charles Hill 2019-05-20 13:38:00
    Please help me... I have two printers like brother MFC-l2710dw and brother hl-l2370dw, What is the default brother printer password and user-name, brother network card, web-based management or remote setup and BRAdmin?

    Reply to Charles Hill

  4. Avatar
    Printer Support Plus 2019-05-21 05:08:00
    Get all the information about default Brother printer password Brother Printer is one among the most reliable printers which provides a smooth functioning experience. Not only this but Brother Printers gives you prints of the finest quality with easy access. Moreover, the Brother Printers can only be accessed by its users if you have set up a password on it. Aside from this, Brother Printer default password is also provided by the Brother Printers i.e. "initpass". Just in case, if you have set up your personalized password, then, this default password won't work for you if you forget your Brother printer password. And in that case, you would require to follow the password recovery process of Brother Printer. If you have forgotten the password and need to recover it, you can do that by going to the customer support team where a team of passionate and dedicated employees will help you out and give you support. Moreover, you can get support at any time as the team of customer care accessible around the clock.

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  5. Avatar
    Printer Support Plus 2020-02-19 23:06:00
    Hello guys, I want to tell you that, this process will also help you with all these models, such as;
    • brother mfc-l8900cdw default password
    • brother mfc-l2710dw default password
    • brother mfc-l5900dw default password
    • brother mfc-l2750dw default password
    • brother mfc-l3770cdw default password
    • brother hl-l2370dw default password
    • brother mfc-l8900cdw default admin password
    • brother mfc-j6930dw default password
    • brother printer default password hl-l6200dw

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  6. Avatar
    Aman Gupta 2022-03-11 13:34:00
    Password Error
    Login Failure

    The password entered is invalid, please try again. Brother DCP-T420W Model
    solve me

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  7. Avatar
    Haider 2020-05-22 01:05:00
    For Brother HL-L2395DW series

    To get all the information about the printer including the password
    1) Access the printer from IP Address
    2) Navigate to "Lists/Reports"
    3) Click "Print" for "User Settings"

    Once you find the password (last of printed page), enter it in the login box in the same page to get full access

    Now if you want to change the printer name
    1) Navigate to "Network" tab on the same page
    2) Click on "TCP/IP" on the left and then "Node Name"
    3) The "Node Name" is the printer name appears in the wireless
    4) Change it and click "submit"

    Reply to Haider

  8. Avatar
    Jiri 2021-09-14 01:50:00
    Brother MFC-L3730CDN - how to find out admin password: Open printers IP address from browser -> Lists/Reports -> print NETWORK CONFIGURATION protocol and in the bottom of print you can see the admin password

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  9. Avatar
    Sophie 2020-05-25 00:38:00
    Hello, When I type the default password "initpass" for managing machine settings, It doesn't work. I can't reset the password, because the printer IP is "0,0,0,0", So how should I do? My printer is "Brother MFC-8900CDW_series". I can print, but I can't see more printer detail information on my Mac when I open the Printer show page. Thank you!

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  10. Avatar
    ANODIN Tony Jean-François 2020-07-17 10:36:00
    I can't enter login default .can someone helps me to find the default login password, thanks.

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  11. Avatar
    Luis 2020-07-20 10:35:00
    Look for the password on the back of the printer.

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  12. Avatar
    Rajesh 2020-11-18 02:23:00

    I have forgotten my Brother printer webpage password please help us to retrieve back...

    Reply to Rajesh

  13. Avatar
    Chintu 2021-03-03 15:19:00
    How can I reset my wifi password in my printer?

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  14. Avatar
    Shirley Lorentson 2021-04-26 12:55:00
    My printer worked only once and now I can't find my log-in password?

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  15. Avatar
    Amarbir Singh 2021-10-21 01:09:00
    If there is no label preceded by "Pwd", the default password is "initpass" it's 100% working

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  16. Avatar
    Serge 2022-01-05 06:40:00
    Brother MFC-L2720DWR
    blocked by 4-digit pin code at sensor monitor
    How to unblock?
    Please help

    Reply to Serge

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