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Zebra Printer Not Printing

Learn How Do I Fix My Zebra Printer Not Printing Properly?

Zebra printers are among the most widely used printers in the world. There are multiple sizes and configurations of printers available in the market. You can choose any of them as per your requirement and budget. If you already own the Zebra printer and are facing any issues, you can either contact the technician or try to fix it on your own. In case your printer is not printing properly, you can refer to this article.

Troubleshooting the Issue in Zebra Printer

If you are unable to use your Zebra printer as there is an issue with the Zebra printer not printing, you need to fix the issue by trying some troubleshooting. Initially, go for the basic troubleshooting as it is easy and requires less time and effort for resolving the issue. The steps of troubleshooting are as follows:

  • In the first step, check for the cables, and if they are plugged in properly or not. You can plug them directly into the socket instead of connecting them through extension cords.
  • You need to check that the network cable is firmly plugged into the computer as well as the printer. To ensure the working of the network cable, you can check the lights blinking, indicating the network connection.
  • If the lights on the printer are not ON, you can unplug the cables and plug them back in after some time. Then, press the power button on the printer to check if it is working or not.

If these steps do not work and there is an issue with the Zebra printer not printing anything, you can go for advanced troubleshooting. The steps involved in this are as follows:

Check the Status of the Printer: For this, you need to ensure that there is enough paper in your paper tray. Also, check for stuck or jammed papers. You also need to check the ink toner for proper printing.

Cancel all Jobs: If your printer has stopped printing anything, you need to stop all other jobs in the queue. If you do not quit the jobs, it can affect the hardware also. You can complete the force quit using the Control panel on your computer.

Set your Zebra Printer as Default: Sometimes, the printer only takes commands for the default printer. If you make Zebra the default printer, it will carry out all jobs easily.

Update Driver: Most of the time, the issue comes when the driver is outdated or not compatible with the printer. You must have the latest version of the printer driver installed on your computer for the proper working of Zebra printers.

Zebra Label Printer Not Printing Correctly

Some common issues faced during label printer not printing correctly are:

  • All the print requests result in a blank label.
  • There is no print or image on the labels of the printer.
  • It seems that the printer is printing but the labels are blank.

The causes of the Issue are:

  • The printhead contains debris or the label is preventing heat transfer.
  • There are wrong media in a Direct thermal application.
  • The ribbon and media do not match properly.
  • The wrong side of the ribbon is inked.

Fixes of the Issues:

  • Ensure the printer is loaded correctly.
  • Check the inked side of the ribbon.
  • Use a matched ribbon and media.
  • Clean the printheads properly.

If the issue of the Zebra printer not printing anything is still there, then you can visit the official website of the printer and take help from there. The support executives will assist you with all the issues and queries related to Zebra services. The contact info is easily available on Zebra's official website.

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