What Are Some Symptoms and Causes of Laser Printer Problems?

What are some of the symptoms and causes of common laser printer problems?

The way we all are turning ourselves toward technology is remarkable. But even the best devices and machines have their issues. If we talk about the laser printer, then it will be not wrong to say that it is not different from the other device. Even those with the best quality and performance have their issues. Even the information about the laser printer problems and solutions is accurate and to the best of its knowledge. It will still be advisable for you to go through the user manual of your laser printer or go online to visit the website of the manufacturer of your printer for detailed steps to follow for your particular model.

List of some common problem that occurs in a laser printer:

  • Toner smearing or non-adhering to page
  • Printer paper jams
  • Faded prints/printing poor quality
  • Nothing printing on the printer
  • The printer printing the wrong font
  • Printer wrinkling the paper/printer printing skew
  • Low toner/no toner alert

Toner is smearing or non-adhering to the page:

This problem generally occurs due to the old fuser assembly or defective toner cartridge. But it's not advised for you to rush to replace your toner cartridge immediately. Instead, you have to try and remove it from the machine and carefully shake it side-to-side. And fix it back to its place and try to print something to know if the issue is resolved or not.

Paper jams:

This is the most common issue with many printers, not just with the laser printer. The chief causes behind this are grime, dust, or incorrect paperweight. And to avoid this issue, you have to do regular cleaning of your printer. Also, it is advised to replace the part of your printer as and when necessary.

Faded Print / Poor Print Quality:

This happens when there is less toner available in your printer, print density settings, or any other related error in your printer. Check your printer setting to ensure your printer is not set to 'ink-saving' or 'draft' mode.

Not accepting the command:

If your printer doesn't accept any command, make sure your printer is correctly connected to your device, or the papers are appropriately set in a tray. Or, if nothing is working, then there is always an option for a reboot.

Wrong Font:

If your font is different from the one you chose on your screen, there may be a communication error with our printer. In that case, you are required to go back and reprint. If the same thing happens again, then you have to check that the updated drivers are installed in your system. At last, ensure that the software on your computer and printer is compatible with the selected fonts.

Wrinkled Paper / Skewed Images:

Before printing, you have to make sure that the paper in your printer's tray is not wrinkled. And look if the paper is aligned correctly inside the paper tabs. Even if the paper in your primer is a little off, the result of your prints will be problematic.

No Toner Warning / Low Toner:

Our printer's warning messages about low-toner or no-toner are not always reliable. Even after installing the new cartridge, the message appears on the screen. So, make sure to check your toner correctly before filling it again. There is always a little chance that the cartridge is damaged or defective.

Everyone doesn't get the help of the IT department in their office. The techniques for laser printer troubleshooting will permanently save the day for you. As there is no special training required to solve these issues with your printer, you'll also save the money you spent on getting your printer fixed by a professional.

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