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Printer Not Printing Color

How do You Resolve the Problem of a Printer If It is not Printing Color?

The printer is a very useful device for people who need to print documents in hard copy quite frequently for either official or personal use. You can print both the colored as well as non-colored pages from most of the Printer. However, a few times, a color printer may show an error during taking out a print due to which the user gets a blank and white page instead of a colored one. The problem of a Printer not printing color is quite commonly confronted by people without a clear idea about why it is happening. Therefore, you must know the reasons behind a Printer causing issues in printing colored pages so that will become able to resolve the error. Hence you can collect the right details about the solutions to fix a Printer not printing in color error most efficiently from below.

Why Does a Printer not Print Colors Correctly?

Several users encounter the error with a printer while taking colored printouts. Therefore, if you want to understand first why the problem of printer is not printing color occurs kindly know the common reasons below:

  • The color settings of your printer are not correct
  • The printer has a faulty color balance
  • The non-color setting is enabled in your Printer
  • Printer drivers are corrupt
  • The cartridge of your Printer is at fault

Know the Solutions to Fix a Printer Not Printing Colors

When a printer does not provide color printing, it is very frustrating to the user who is in urgent need of a color printout for some important documents. This is a very annoying situation for the user when they need to take a color printout immediately but the printer is causing an error for the same. When you succeed in identifying a printer problem that is unable to make a color print correctly, the problem becomes very easy to solve. Therefore, the best solutions to fix the Printer not printing color correctly are defined below:

Set Printer Settings to Print Color:

  • The printer might not print color when the user has not set the device to print color.
  • First, you need to open a screen report for the Printer and look for the Print tab on the menu.
  • Further, you have to navigate toward the ink color tab from the list.
  • After that, tick the option for color print and choose the print button.

Adjust Color Balance on Printer:

  • When your printer's color adjustment is not correct, there may also be a problem when taking a color printout.
  • Adjustment of the color balance on your Printer is another solution to fix the error of not printing colors correctly.
  • Therefore you need to access your Printer settings and look for the printing preference tab.
  • Further on the Printing preference window, you need to choose a set-up option.
  • Then navigate to the common settings for the Printer and choose the printing option.
  • Afterward, you have to select a photo and then choose the color & intensity option.
  • Hereafter you need to access the manual settings and adjust the color balance.
  • At last when you have adjusted the color balance on the Printer tap OK to save it.

Disable Non-Color Settings on Printer:

  • At the time non-color print settings are selected on the printer, it then does not provide color print correctly.
  • Therefore you need to disable the non-color settings in your Printer to fix the problem.
  • First, you need to open your Printer by going to the device settings.
  • Then choose your Printer from the list on which you are experiencing a color printing error.
  • After that, you have to access the properties of your printer from there.
  • Then look for the non-color option from the properties of the Printer.
  • Afterward, you need to check whether non-color settings are enabled or not.
  • Then you need to uncheck the box for the non-color option and then save your Printer settings.

Check Printer Cartridge:

  • A few times the issue of not printing color also occurs in your Printer due to cartridge malfunction.
  • The ink in your Printer might be less so you can check for that too.
  • After fixing the printer cartridge in case of any malfunction, the error of not printing color pages will get fixed.

Check Device Print Heads:

  • Sometimes, when your printer's print heads are off, there is no printing of color pages.
  • Therefore, you need to check if there is no dirt sticking to the print head of your printer and is clean.
  • Once your printer's print head is clean, try again to take a color printout from it.

Fix Your Printer Drivers:

  • Even when your printer drivers are not working properly, color pages may not be printed.
  • Therefore, you need to update your Printer drivers or reinstall them if still not working fine.
  • After that, you can check again by taking out colored Print outs from your Printer.

Therefore, a user can face printer will not print color error anytime due to the common causes as described above. Moreover, when the issue of your printer being unable to print color pages is still not fixed after applying suitable troubleshoots then you can get help from a technical person. You can connect to the customer service center of your Printer for fixing the issue if the device is still under warranty. On the other hand when your Printer is out of warranty then you can get assistance from the registered Printer service center for the same.

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