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Kodak Printer Printing Blank Pages

Learn How do I Fix my Kodak Printer Printing Blank Pages Issue

The printer is the device that is the most important part of our life. As we all know, the Kodak printer is the best quality printer available in the market. It prints in higher quality. Kodak is verified as the best printer. It is reliable, fast, and accurate. Some issue is there which comes in the printer. It is really frustrating when in between the work some issue comes up.

The most common issue faced by the printer is that it is receiving a blank printout page. There can be so many reasons for Kodak printer is printing blank pages. But we have various solutions for it. We are going to discuss how to fix the problem of printers printing blank pages.

Reasons Behind Why Does my Kodak Printer Prints Blank Pages

These are the following reasons because of which my Kodak printer is printing blank pages. We can fix the problem more easily if we know the cause of the problem. Here are the reasons:

  • If we are using the incorrect format of the paper, so this issue can occur.
  • Blocked nozzles of the printer.
  • If you are using outdated or damaged software.
  • If you are using a third-party cartridge.
  • Improper blank page settings.

How to Fix Kodak Printer Printing Blank Pages?

Now, we also know the reasons for the Kodak printer printing blank pages. So we can easily resolve the issue of the printer. There are various methods to solve the problem of the printer. Here are some points by which we can fix the issue of printer print blank pages.

Change Ink Cartridge: In most cases, we have seen that the issue is because of the low ink. If you don’t have enough ink in the printer then it will not print anything or will become a blur. So it will be better if you check the printer before using it. If the printer is low on the link then replace it with the new cartridge.

Replace the Third-Party Cartridge: You can fix the printer issue with this method also. It can be an issue that after installing the third-party cartridge, so this issue comes. It is a compatible issue. To fix the issue, we always recommend using compatible cartage with the printer. Check the issue is fixed or not. This can be the possible reason for Kodak printer is printing blank pages.

Confirm the Paper Size: If you are using the wrong paper size, this problem can occur in your printer. Some people are unknown of this fact and they use the wrong paper size. You should check your printer settings before using the printer. Use proper paper size which is compatible with your printer, otherwise, these types of issues will come in the printer. Check whether the issue is fixed or not.

Proper Blank Page Settings: There should be proper blank page settings on your printer. Change the settings to default. To fix the error, you should check the blank page settings properly and fix it accordingly.

These are the solutions to fix the issue of the Kodak printer printing blank pages. If you need more information on the Kodak printer, you can go to this official support page. They are available for your help.

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  1. Avatar
    Frank Conti 2020-10-30 06:45:00
    After replacing the ink 10C pack, the printer speeds up as before but printing blank pages only.

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  2. Avatar
    David Thompson 2022-09-14 18:18:00
    Try I am having a blank page problem with an ESP Office 6150. New Kodak 10's, cleaned and tested print heads. No burn marks on head contacts. No error messages. Found where we need to check Fuses F1 and F2 on the mainboard for burn marks. I would do that if I could figure out disassembly. No guidance out there. Been a great printer, only on the third Print Head. sigh. And, I have three color Kodak 10C cartridges. Try re-cleaning the head with 91% alcohol.

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