How to Reset my Epson Printer | Factory Reset?

How to Reset Epson Printer?

Here You Can Learn How do I Reset my Epson Printer

Are you experiencing problems with your Epson printer? If yes, then don’t worry as here you will get the precise information on the same. Epson printers are the best quality printers and are used for printing, scanning, and many more. They have built-in software or firmware that counts the number of prints that you do use the printer. Each Epson printer model has a set limit, exceeding which shows a message flashed that will inform you as “Printer needs Maintenance”. This message will keep flashing until you reset the internal counter, this period is named overflow. We can reset all brands and types of Epson printers very smoothly. Everyone wonders about how to reset Epson printer but it is easy to do so. If you want to do so, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Open the "Control Panel" of your Epson printer, usually, it is very close to the digital display.
  • Next, you need to find the button that says "Pause" or "Reset".
  • After that, you have to hold it for about 5 seconds and the counter will get reloaded.
  • Test whether the counter has now started from the first print.

This must not take you more than two minutes to get complete. Also, many times you may not be able to locate the Pause or Reset button. If you are unable to find it, know here is what you can do:

  • First, you need to press the "On/Off" button in your printer and hold it for 4-5 seconds.
  • This will remove the timer and reset your printer completely.

Once you have finished any of the above two ways, now you can check the timer and you can repeat the action (resetting the printer) until you see that the timer has restarted from 0. You should also check as a good practice if your Epson printer driver is updated, older and corrupted drivers may also lead to a flashing message on your Epson printer informing you that the printer has something missing. And you should restart it.

Resetting an Epson printer likewise has various different aspects to it than simply resetting the machine, it also includes resetting the printer ink cartridge and reinstalling the printer if needed. In this post, we are going to provide you with information on these so that your task of resetting the Epson printer is complete and fruitful. Here you should know:

It takes just a few minutes to reset the printer ink cartridge. This removes the annoying ink-level signal warnings that pop up every time you try to print something. To do this:

  • First, set the chip reset device on a table with a flat side down and a notched area up face. Let it be accessible.
  • Now push the cartridge into the gadget so the metal tabs on the cartridge line up with the tabs in the reset gadget.
  • As soon as there is a contact, a red light will turn on the device.
  • Press and hold the ink cartridge in the gadget until the green light turns on.
  • Carefully remove the cartridge from the device.
  • Now you can complete the cycle by executing a soft or hard reset (as mentioned above) on your printer.

By following these processes, you can also replace the ink cartridge if there is a problem with it.

  • If the ink cartridge is reset once, you can now turn off the computer and printer and disconnect both (removing both connecting cables). Turn off your Epson printer by pressing the power button.
  • Now reconnect the power cable and also connect the printer to the computer as well.
  • Check if the Epson printer is now reset and continue with your print job.

Now follow this step to reinstall your Epson printer:

  • Turn off your printer and disconnect it from the computer as well.
  • Click "Start" and choose the "Printer and Fax" option, Windows users should click on "Device and Printer".
  • Right-click on "Printer" and select the "Delete" option. Windows users can right-click on "Printer" and choose the "Remove Device" option.
  • Now restart your PC.
  • Now, connect your printer to the PC and power it.
  • Further Windows will automatically reinstall and detect your Epson printer driver and make the printer operational.

Hopefully, all these steps will help you reset the Epson printer, follow these points to reset it. However, if you are still receiving alerts after resetting them again and again, things do not look any better. So you can get help from the printer's technician expert.

How to Reset Epson Printer to Factory Settings?

If you're having problems with your Epson printer, you may need to perform a factory reset of the printer as part of the troubleshooting step. A factory reset will return the settings of your Epson printers when you first used them. This step will help you get the printer back to factory defaults.

There are various ways to reset the Epson printer to factory settings. Some of them are given below:

Using the Control Panel of Epson Printer:

  • First of all, you need to go to the Home menu on the printer Control Panel.
  • Next, you have to use the left and right buttons to open the Setup Menu.
  • After that, press the OK button.
  • Now, to find the restore default settings option you can use the left and right navigation buttons and press the OK button.
  • In the same way, to restore network settings you can use the up and down detect button and press the OK button.
  • In the end, you should restart your printer.

Reset with the Help of the Reset Button:

  • First of all, you have to turn off your printer with the help of the power button.
  • Next, you have to press and hold the reset button placed at the back of the printer.
  • Turn on the printer but hold down the reset button for at least 5–10 seconds.
  • Next, release the reset button after the warning page gets printed.
  • Finally, you must use this IP address to redesign the printer on the system.

Reset with the Help of the Printer Adjustment Program:

  • First, download and install the latest version of the printer adjustment program on your computer.
  • After this, you open the printer adjustment program on your system.
  • Click the Select option to create a required option.
  • Now in the Select menu, select your printer's model number and the port to which the printer is connected to the device.
  • After that, click on the OK button.
  • The adjustment and maintenance window will open. Choose the waste ink pad counter option under the maintenance section.
  • Now the adjustment and maintenance window will open. In it, you choose the useless ink pad counter option under the maintenance section.
  • After that, click on the OK button.
    Once you check the main ink pad counter option and click on the Start button in the bottom right corner.
  • After that, click on the Finish button to finish the reset process.
  • Now restart your printer.

Hopefully, you have found the best way how to reset Epson printer to factory settings. If you still have any queries or need assistance, you can contact the support team for reliable and instant assistance.

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