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Computer Can't Find Printer on Network

Let's Discuss Why Can't I Find my Printer on my Network

Are you failing to find your printer on your computer and have due printing activities? Then, no need to worry as this article will give you complete information on how you can easily fix this problem in time and manage the printing activities on time.

Well, various reasons can lead to why can't I find my printer on my network, like compatibility issues, a problem with the printer drivers, an outdated operating system, and more. So, to help out the users here are some of the sure-shot solutions that one can try out to resolve this issue in time.

Solutions to Fix Computer Failing to Find the Printer on the Network

Users who are looking for solutions to fix computer won't find printer on the network, they can go through the quick solutions mentioned in this article and manage printing activities in time.

1) Check the Connection of the Printer:

  • Begin the process by properly checking the wires connected to the printer and computer. Further, the user can check the printer is powered properly and check the wireless connectivity in the case of wireless printers.

2) Check the Printer Driver:

  • There are higher chances that users might face issues with printers because of the issues with the print driver.
  • So, to fix this issue in time, the user needs to verify whether the installed printer driver is compatible with the computer or not.
  • If not, the user can download the suitable printer driver and resolve the printing issues in time.

3) Update the Computer:

Another reason behind can't find the printer on the network is because of the outdated version of the computer. So, the user can update their computer by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Begin the process by unplugging the USB.
  • Now, restart the computer and open the start menu.
  • Then, in the search box enter the Windows update option and look for the updates.
  • After that, the user can accept all the updates and restart the device.
  • Further, the user plug-in the USB again and check if the printer issue is fixed or not.

4) Run Printer Troubleshooter:

  • Finally, the user can fix my computer can't find my printer on the network problem by using the Printers troubleshooter.

Thus, these are the quick solutions that one can resolve to fix a computer can't find printer on network. So, all the users facing this problem can make use of the provided information and fix the printing problems in time.

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    Avi Gross 2021-03-10 06:09:00
    What can I do when can't find the printer on network windows 10?

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    Mick 2021-07-14 06:00:00
    What to do if my printer connected to WiFi but the computer can't find it?

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