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Canon Printer Setup

Get The Details About Canon Printer Wireless Setup and Learn How To Setup Canon Printer to WiFi on Mac and Windows Devices

Although there are multiple brands of printers in the market, Canon is the first choice of users when it comes to perfect print. Canon is well-known for its high-quality printing. In order to use the printer, the first step is its setup.

Setup Of Canon Wireless Printer

If a user wants to know how to set up Canon wireless printer, then it can be easily carried out by following a set of instructions. Canon printer wireless setup is used to connect a user’s computer and the Canon printer via a wireless network. If a wireless connection is established, there will be an advantage of printing anywhere using the device. If a file is saved in the device and it needs to be printed, just select the file and get it printed.

Canon Printer Setup Wirelessly

Thinking about how to set up a Canon printer on your Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone, iPod, or Android phone? Essentially download the "Canon PRINT App", press your printer wireless to connect button, and the information stored on your device, including your WiFi password and name, will automatically be moved to make the setup process quicker and simpler than at any time.

Different Methods WiFi Setup of Canon Printer

The two methods used in wireless connection are the WPS method and the standard connection method. When a user is looking for a Canon printer setup, any of these methods can be used for the connection. Ensure your Canon printer is capable of connecting to the Internet before proceeding.

WPS Setup Connection Method: This method is commonly used for Windows and Mac operating systems. The wireless router has a push-button for WPS. Check for the wireless connection settings on the computer and then enable WEP security. Below mentioned are the steps to connect the Canon printer to Wi-Fi:

  • Turn on the Canon printer and place the router nearby so that the WPS button could be in reach.
  • Hold the WiFi button on the printer till the light is ON.
  • After waiting for 2 minutes, hit the WPS button on the router.
  • When searching the network, the blue Wi-Fi light is on. Once connected to a wireless network. Power and Wi-Fi lights will be still.
  • To check the connectivity, try printing a page from the Canon printer.
  • Put the sheets into the printer and check if the printer works properly.

You've finished connecting your Canon printer to the WiFi network. Have a go at printing a test page and it should work. These steps will help the user with Canon printer wireless setup.

Canon Standard Connection Method: If the router does not have a WPS feature, use this method. Below mentioned are the guidelines when a user wants to know how to setup a Canon printer using this method.

Network Settings:

  • Connect the computer to the printer for network settings.
  • Load the input tray with papers.
  • Press & hold the resume or cancel button for a few seconds.
  • In the printout of the information page, check the connection status.
  • Verify the network name also.

Initial Preparation:

  • Ensure that the printer is switched on and properly connected for setup. For wired connections, an Ethernet cable is required.
  • Check if the required drivers are already installed on the system.
  • Connect the printer to the internet and check its speed.
  • In the case of a router, connect the computer and printer to the router.

Canon Printer Setup For Windows OS: (Help +1-802-300-4496)

  • Click on Start and then Settings to open it.
  • Then, Devices is clicked in the Settings window.
  • Under this option, select Printer and Scanners and then choose the option of
  • Add the printer or scanner. This will add a printer to the list.
  • Connect it to the same network as of printer.

Complete the setup on your device by following the above steps. When the setup is finished, you'll have the option to start utilizing your printer. Finally, the printer can be used for printing from Windows, and a Canon wireless printer setup is completed.

Canon Printer Setup For Mac OS:

  • The first step is to choose System Preferences and select Printers & Scanners.
  • Select the + symbol to add the printer.
  • In the available list, select the printer and add it.
  • In the case of a router, connect the Mac device and printer to the same network.
  • To ensure the connection, take the test print.

Connecting Canon Printer to WiFi Router without using WPS Button:

  • Install 'Canon IJ Network Device Setup Utilities and run the application.
  • Turn on and connect the printer through USB.
  • Select the connection option USB and complete the connection process.
  • Now change the connection option to IPv4.
  • Enter the printer password which will be the serial number of the printer.
  • Select the wifi network and enter the wifi network password and complete the connection process.
  • Now the setup is complete.
  • Remove the USB cable and Add the Printer through the Add a device option in Control Panel.
  • The printer is ready to use.

To know more about Canon printer WiFi setup or for any other query, the support team of Canon printer can be contacted. The customer support executives of Canon will provide all the required assistance to the users. The details of the contact using which the support can be reached are available on the official website of Canon.

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