Why is my Printer not Printing Color Correctly?

Printer not Printing Color

How do You Resolve the Problem of a Printer If It is not Printing Color?

The printer is a very useful device for the people who need to print documents in hard copy quite frequently for either official or any personal use. You can print both the colored as well as non-colored pages from most of the Printer. However, a few times, a color printer may show an error during taking out a print due to which the user gets a blank and white page instead of a colored one. The problem of a Printer not printing color is quite commonly confronted by the people without a clear idea about why it is happening. Therefore, you must know the reasons behind a Printer causing issue in printing colored pages so that will become able to resolve the error. Hence you can collect the right details about the solutions to fix a Printer not printing in color error most efficiently from below.

Why Does a Printer not Print Colors Correctly?

Several users encounter the error with a Printer while taking colored print outs. Therefore, if you want to understand first that why the problem of Printer is not printing color occurs kindly know the common reasons from below:

  • The color settings of your Printer is not correct
  • The printer has a faulty color balance
  • Non-color setting is enabled in your Printer
  • Printer drivers are corrupt
  • The cartridge of your Printer is at fault

Know the Solutions to Fix a Printer not Printing Colors?

When a printer does not provide color printing, it is very frustrating to the user who is in urgent need of a color printout for some important documents. This is a very annoying situation for the user when they need to take a color print out immediately but the printer is causing an error for the same. When you succeed in identifying a printer problem that is unable to make a color print correctly, the problem becomes very easy to solve. Therefore, the best solutions to fix the Printer not printing color correctly is defined below:

Set Printer Settings to Print Color:

  • The printer might not print color when the user has not set the device to print color.
  • At first, you need to open a screen report for Printer and look for the Print tab on the menu.
  • Further, you have to navigate towards the ink color tab from the list.
  • After that, tick the option for color print and choose the print button.

Adjust Color Balance on Printer:

  • When your printer’s color adjustment is not correct, there may also be a problem when taking a color printout.
  • Adjustment of the color balance on your Printer is another solution to fix the error of not printing colors correctly.
  • Therefore you need to access your Printer settings and look for the printing preference tab.
  • Further on the Printing preference window, you need to choose a set-up option.
  • Then navigate to the common settings for the Printer and choose the printing option.
  • Afterward, you have to select a photo then choose the color & intensity option.
  • Hereafter you need to access the manual settings and adjust the color balance.
  • At last when you have adjusted the color balance on the Printer tap OK to save it.

Disable Non-Color Settings on Printer:

  • At the time non-color print settings are selected on the printer, it then does not provide color print correctly.
  • Therefore you need to disable the non-color settings in your Printer to fix the problem.
  • At first, you need to open your Printer by going to the device settings.
  • Then choose your Printer from the list on which you are experiencing a color printing error.
  • After that, you have to access the properties of your printer from there.
  • Then look for the non-color option from the properties of the Printer.
  • Afterward, you need to check that whether non-color settings are enabled or not.
  • Then you need to uncheck the box for the non-color option and then save your Printer settings.

Check Printer Cartridge:

  • A few times the issue of not printing color also occurs in your Printer due to cartridge malfunction.
  • The ink in your Printer might be less so you can check for that too.
  • After fixing the printer cartridge in case of any malfunction, the error of not printing color pages will get fixed.

Check Device Print Heads:

  • Sometimes, when your printer’s print heads are off, there is no printing of color pages.
  • Therefore, you need to check if there is no dirt sticking to the print head of your printer and is clean.
  • Once your printer’s print head is clean, try again to take a color printout from it.

Fix Your Printer Drivers:

  • Even when your printer drivers are not working properly, color pages may not be printed.
  • Therefore, you need to update your Printer drivers or reinstall if still not working fine.
  • After that, you can check again by taking out colored Print outs from your Printer.

Therefore, a user can face Printer will not print color error anytime due to the common causes as described above. Moreover, when the issue of your Printer unable to print color pages is still not fixed after applying the suitable troubleshoots then you can get help from a technical person. You can connect to the customer service center of your Printer for fixing the issue if the device is still in warranty. On the other hand when your Printer is out of warranty then you can get assistance from the registered Printer service center for the same.

Printer Tech Support | +1-805-824-0498 | Printer Customer Service

Printer Tech Support

Know About Printer, Its Features and Types, Problems that Occur, and Solutions to Fix and Ways to Contact Tech Support?

Are you looking forward to knowing about Printer, its features, types, and more details related to the problems that occur as well as the solutions for fixing it? If so then this is the right place where you will also get additional details about Printer support for technical assistance and ways to receive customer service.

Know in Brief About a Printer and its Features?

The Printer is a device used by people to print documents on paper including, Text, Image, or a single combination of both types. The Printer is quite a useful output device used by the people for official as well as personal purposes. The output of a Pinter that is the physical version of an electronic document is also called the hard copy. Besides, Printer customer service is available to assist the users related to any problem they might encounter in their device. More details regarding the key features of a Printer are discussed through the points below:

  • The speed of a Printer is one of the main features for which the minimum standard is 10 colored pages per minute and 20 black & white pages per minute.
  • Print quality is again a key feature of a Printer for which the minimum standard resolution measurement is 600×600 dots per inch in the case of a black & white page whereas the minimum standard resolution of a colored print is 1200×1200 dots per inch.
  • The duty cycle of a Printer is another main feature that counts the maximum number of printed pages in a month. 5000 pages a month is a sufficient duty cycle for a home Printer while the number of pages between 20000 to 25000 range is considered as the highest.
  • The next feature of a Printer is the cost for the ink replacement that is measured by dividing the cartridge cost by the yield expected.

Get Details About the Different Types of Printer?

If you are willing to know the types of Printers available then you can learn about the same here. Moreover, you can get assistance related to any type from Printer technical support in a situation of need. A Printer is mainly divided into three types as enlisted below.

  • Inkjet Printer
  • Laser Printer
  • Multi-function Printer also knows as the all-in-one Printer

Get a List of Problems that Commonly Occurs in Printer?

The printer is an electronic device that can sometimes show several kinds of problems due to a few technical errors. Whenever, a user encounter problem that is unfixable on their own, they can contact Printer customer support for a better resolution. However, to know about the most common Printer problems, follow the list from below:

  • Not having a printer turned on is one of the most common problems a user encounters when using the device for a long time.
  • Slow printing speed is another problem that happens in a Printer and causes a lot of trouble to the users.
  • Paper jams are another common issue that occurs in a Printer at the time a person tries to take a printout for a document.
  • Blank or black print is also a type of problem that is faced by the users while printing a document from a Printer.
  • The printer is not connecting to the Wi-Fi error is also very commonly confronted by the people who are using the device for either business or personal use.

What are the Best Solutions to Fix a Printer?

At the time, your Printer shows any of the common errors, you can try to fix the same with the help of some relevant solutions. However, you can further contact Printer tech support at the time when you are unable to resolve the problem with common methods. Therefore, the best solutions for fixing a Printer causing problem are discussed below:

  • Unplugging the Printer for a while and restarting the device after waiting a few minutes again is the most relevant solution for fixing small errors causing problems on it.
  • Checking all the cables connected to the Printer causing problem or checking Wi-Fi connectivity if the device is wireless is another best solution for fixing the issue.
  • The next solution to fix a Printer that is showing an error is the installation of the latest drivers for the device on the system it is connected with is another solution to fix the error.
  • Running a printing troubleshooter is another way to fix problems that occur in a printer.
  • Another solution to fix a Printer that is still causing the problem is clearing the spooler files and resetting the device.

How do You Get Technical Support for a Printer?

In case you are unable to fix a Printer problem with the help of relevant solutions then you need to get help from a technical support team. You can either contact tech support by dialing the Printer phone number or search online to get technical support for a Printer as explained below:

  • At first visit Google search and type Printer tech support on the search field.
  • Then press Enter to see the available results for the nearby Printer Technical Service Center.
  • Afterward, you need to visit a few of the topmost pages for the Printer tech support search results.
  • Then you can view the technical support offered by any particular Printer repair shop and also get details related to the service rates they are charging.
  • Hereafter, once you found the most suitable result for the nearby Printer tech support then you can proceed with the contact details.
  • Then, you can either visit the printer repair center for technical help or you can ask a technical expert to visit your home if they are offering home service.
  • In this way, you can easily get tech support for a Printer from a nearby service center.

Printer Customer Service

Learn the Ways to Contact Printer Customer Care?

In case you are willing to contact the customer service center of the Printer you are using for receiving any kind of assistance, then you can connect to them in multiple ways. However, the Printer support number is among the most common choice of people to get assistance, yet a few more other ways of contacting the service center are also available. Therefore, to learn the ways for contacting customer service either via Printer toll-free number or other methods, kindle collect right details from below:

  • Helpline phone number is the most flexible way of contacting Printer customer service regarding receiving assistance related to any issues you are dealing with in your device.
  • Live chat is another way of contacting the Printer customer care that is accessible through the official website of the printing device you are using and looking for support.
  • Email support is also a flexible way of contacting the customer service center of the Printer for receiving any device issues related to support.

Therefore, the details about the Printer helpline number and other ways of connecting to the service center for support are discussed above. Besides, all the other relevant information about a Printer, its features types, etc. are discussed on this page that helps a person to know more precisely about the device.

How to Reset Canon Printer | Hard Reset | Factory Reset?

How to Reset Canon Printer

A Complete Guide To Reset The Canon Printer In Different Ways

Canon printers are quite known for their top-notch print services and exceptional features across the world. However, there are times when Canon users face issues with their printing device, and that sometimes lead to reset their devices. In addition, due to daily developments in the device’s technical systems and user interfaces, users also face confusion with the printer reset process.

Now, if you are also a Canon printer user and have been looking for info on the device reset process, then you can refer to this guide here. Here, you’ll be guided with all kinds of ways on how to reset a Canon printer.

Quick Methods To Reset The Canon Wired Printers

Resetting the Canon printer lets you bring it back to its normal functionality. Plus, this also resolves any major or minor technical issue in your device such as slow printing issues, the printer being unresponsive or getting online, etc. In this guide on how to reset Canon printer, you will get to know about the following ways to reset your device.

  • Power reset of Canon printer
  • Ink reset of Canon printer
  • Hard reset of Canon printer
  • Resetting Pixma Printer
  • Factory reset of Canon Printer

Therefore, read further to know about each Canon printer reset process in brief.

Power Resetting of Canon Printer:

Although, power reset is more of a type of soft reset type, but it can still bring your Canon device back to its normal functioning. Here’s how.

  • At first, turn off your Canon Printer, then remove the power cable from the direct power source, and then ensure that your device is completely disconnected.
  • Now, plug back the power cable in the power socket, then turn on the device, and then connect it to the Ethernet cable.
  • Finally, try a test print to see if the issue has been resolved on your Canon device.

Ink Resetting The Canon Printer:

Canon printers such as the inkjet printers have an inbuilt special chip that notifies the users about the need of refilling the ink cartridge when the old ones are low or out of ink.  Now, replacing the ink cartridges may hamper the normal printing operations, but resetting them through other ways can help you better. Here’s how to reset Canon printer ink and bring your printing device back to its normal functioning state.

  • At first, remove the ink cartridge of your Canon printing device, then insert it into the main channel of the ink resetting mechanism.
  • Next, you’ll need to ensure that the chip on the ink cartridge is working fine and in good contact with the plate on the resetter.
  • Now, hold the ink cartridge softly for a while until you see the LED light on the chip resetter flashing. Now, hold the ink cartridge softly until the light becomes steady.
  • Next, you’ll need to remove the cartridge from the chip resetter again and repeat the process on any ink cartridge that requires a reset.
  • Finally, install the cartridges in your Canon printer and see if the issue is resolved.

How Do I Reset My Canon Printer To Factory Settings: Hard Reset

The hard reset can help you to bring your canon printer back to its default factory settings. Here’s how.

  • Initially, hit the “Stop” button until you hear the alarm ringing on your Canon printer, then release the “Start” button only after the alarm flashes or rings at least 19 times.
  • Now, that your device is restored to its factory settings, you’ll need to uninstall your device’s drives from your computer network and reinstall them with the latest drivers available.

Resetting Canon Pixma Printer Via Default Factory Settings:

If you have a Pixma device and you wish to reset it, then follow the steps mentioned below on how to reset Canon Printer Pixma.

  • Turn-on the Pixma printing device, then locate the Device Settings from the menu via using arrows.
  • Press Ok, then select the “Resetting” option and then again press “OK” to begin with the device resetting process.
  • Now, turn-off the Pixma device, then hold the “Stop” button along with the power button of the device.
  • Hereafter, release the “Stop” button, then again press the “Stop” button for two more times while you hold the “Power” button.
  • Wait for 30 seconds until you see the “O” on the printer’s screen, and then press the “Stop” button for 4 more times.
  • Next, press the “Power“ button two more times, and then press it again for once to turn off the device & complete the reset process.

Via Resetting Pixma Ink Cartridge:

The following steps will help you on how to reset Canon Printer Pixma via resetting it’s ink cartridges.

  • At first, unplug the power cables and other USB cables from your Pixma device as it’ll help you to reset Canon printer or the ink cartridges.
  • Now, press the “Power” button to open the ink cartridge door, then reconnect the power cables along with the power button still functional.
  • Finally, close the cartridge door, then release the power button, and the ink cartridge reset process is now finished.

How to Factory Reset a Canon Printer: Instructions

They can be times when you may need to troubleshoot your Canon printer while working with it, hence, resetting it completely can be a major part of it. In this way, your device will return to its out of the box settings or default factory settings. Here’s how to factory reset Canon printer.

  • Press Setup on your Canon device, then navigate to Device settings through arrow keys and press OK.
  • Now, navigate to Reset setting, then press OK, and then navigate to Reset all option.
  • Press OK, then select Yes, and therefore, your device is now reset.

For more assistance on how to hard reset Canon printer, contact the experts at Canon printer experts.

How to Connect Canon Printer to Laptop?

How to Connect Canon Printer to Laptop

In This Step, You Can Easily Learn That How Do I Connect Canon Printer To Laptop

Being a printer owner you can perform multiple important tasks very easily from your home and personal purposes. There is a wide range of printers available in the market that proffer amazing printing facility and Canon printer is one among those. Canon printer is one of the leading printers which are used by millions of users across the world. Canon printer is available in multiple varieties and users can choose as per their preference. One can use these printing features of Canon printer with multiple devices such as phones and laptops. But before accessing these features, it is very important to connect your Canon printer to your preferred device.

How Do I Connect My Canon Printer To Laptop?

Have you recently purchased a new Canon printer? And want to perform the multiple printing tasks from your laptop? Then you will have to connect your Canon printer to your laptop which is a very simple and straightforward task to perform. But there are only fewer users that know about the process of connecting and if you don’t know how to connect Canon printer to laptop, then someone can follow the step by step procedure mentioned in this post.

Steps To Connect A Canon Printer To Laptop:

  • First of all, turn off your Canon printer and then insert the one end of the USB cable to your printer’s connection panel.
  • Now insert the other end of the USB cable to your laptop’s USB port as per the place where the USB ports are located.
  • Open a browser on your computer and then go to the official Canon printer website. Download the printer driver as per your printer model and OS for that you wish to connect your printer.
  • After that, go to the Start menu which is available on the bottom left corner of the screen, and then open the Control Panel.
  • Click on Hardware and Sound menu and then click on Devices and Printers option.
  • Now click on Add a Printer and then choose Local Printer option.
  • Choose a printer port for your connection from the list of ports.
  • Click on the Canon printer from the available options and then choose your printer model.
  • Click on Next.
  • Now select whether you want to share your printer with other devices or not and then click on Next.
  • Select if you wish to keep the Canon printer as the default printer and then click on the Finish tab to complete the process.

With the help of above-given steps, you can know about how to connect Canon printer to laptop and if you are confronting any issue when following these steps or have any other query, then contact the customer support team of Canon printer and get the instant solutions to fix your multiple printer related queries.

Why is my Brother Printer in an Error State?

Brother Printer in Error State

Facing Errors State in Brother Printer? Here is a Full Guide to Get Away with it Conveniently!

However, if you are a user of Brother printer then you shall be assured as you have chosen one of the best printer companies in the market. But, being the electronic machine even it can face issues and errors when made to work continuously without break. As a result of which users can see Brother printer in an error state and do not know how to get it resolved.

And if you have landed here in search of your answers then you shall relax. We have you covered and ensure you that you will return only after resolving your issue. But before you jump to find the resolution you must know about some reasons which can cause the same. And these reasons are mentioned below.

Probable Reasons For Brother Printer in Error State!

There can be different reasons too, which can cause the issue of the Brother printer in an error state. You should check these things properly before fixing this problem.

  • Check your printer connection properly
  • After that, restart your printer and computer
  • Check printer ink levels
  • Confirm paper jams issue

And there can be many other reasons stated that leave your Brother printer in an error state and also stopping you from printing. But, you shall not get disappointed as you can resolve this issue and for that, you can refer to the information mentioned further in the steps.

Basic Troubleshooting for Resolving Brother Printer Error!

  • First, check the internet connection and wifi. If your printer is not connected properly then you can connect it once again. But before that, you need to resolve your internet issue if your internet is slow.
  • Then you can check if your Brother printer is plugged in properly or not. To make sure you can take out the plug and then plugin again and check if the error has been resolved or not.
  • Also, avoid using cheap quality toner or ink. This may not only show my Brother printer in error state but also will be damaging the printer.
  • Check the ink level if your printer has a small amount of ink. If yes, then fill the toner with the ink.

And even after trying this basic troubleshooting, your issue remains the same then you shall not get disappointed. When a problem has arisen, it also consists of resolutions. All you need is to try all the possible efforts. So, to get proper resolution on Brother printer in error state how to fix you can follow the steps further.

Proper Step-by-Step Ways to Fix Brother Printer Error State in Simple Ways!

Method 1: Checking Brother Printer Online or Offline Status!

When a Brother printer does not print or has lost the connection for a long time then it may go in offline mode. So, you need to check if your printer is active while printing. And this can be checked in the following ways:

  • From your Windows 10, tap on the Windows button and choose the Control panel option.
  • From the various options, choose “View Devices and Printers” from under the “Hardware and Sound” option.
  • Right-click on the printer device and choose “Set as default printer” option.
  • Now you need to tap on the printer option from the top-left corner and choose to untick pause printing and use printer offline option.
  • Now restart your printer and check if the error message has gone or not.

If still the message is displayed then you can follow another solution.

Method 2: Restart Print Spooler Service to Solve Brother Printer Error State!

Print spooler is the option which manages printing tasks from computer to printer. It also holds the list of prints jobs done and restarting the spooler might fix the brother printer error state.

  • From your Windows in the search box type CMD and then right-click to select “Run as administrator”.
  • Now tap “Yes” to allow a user control account.
  • In the screen that gets displayed, type net stop spooler and hit enter from the keyboard.
  • And when you see the printer spooler service has stopped successfully then you need to type net start spooler and tap “Enter”.
  • You will be again receiving the message the printer spooler service is successfully turned on. And now you can close cmd.

For better results, restart your computer and printer and then try to print a test page.

Method 3: Clean the Print Spooler Files and Restart It!

Because of all the files and history of print, there can be issues, and users can face Brother MFC printer is in an error state and to resolve this you can follow the steps below.

  • To delete the files from the printer spooler you need to navigate to C:\Windows\System32\Spool\ Printers folder.
  • You can open the folder from the run box by typing the above details and tap “OK”.
  • And now click on “Continue” and delete all the files from the spooler.
  • The same process now has to do with this path C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Drivers\W32X86
  • Now to restart Printer Spooler Service, open the run box and type services.msc
  • From the list of services find the print spooler service and right-click on it to find the “Restart” option.
  • Tap on the option and it might take a few seconds to restart the printer spooler.

Now restart your computer and printer to check if your issue is resolved or not.

Method 4: Enable PnP Detection – Fix Brother Printer in Error State Windows 10

In the event that you are utilizing Windows 10, at that point attempt to enable the Legacy Plug and Play detection. Before you start if it’s not too much trouble restart the PC and afterward follow the steps below.

  • Go to the Windows 10 search box and type device manager or you can open the run box and type devmgmt.msc and tap Enter.
  • Open the Device Manager.
  • Click visible on the top and open Show hidden devices.
  • After that find Ports (COM and LPT) and snap on it to expand the list.
  • Right-click on ECP Printer Port (LPT1) and open Properties.
  • Tap on Ports settings adjacent to the General Tab.
  • Choose to Use any interrupt assigned to the port after that check on Enable legacy Plug and Play detection.
  • Click OK to save the changes.

Now, restart your printer and check whether the error state issue got fixed.

Method 5: Update Brother Printer Drivers to Latest Version!

To update your Brother printer drivers you can choose two methods: one is automatically in the computer itself or manually by performing every step. In this space, we will be learning how to update Brother printer drivers automatically.

  • From the Windows 10 run box type devmgmt.msc and tap “OK”.
  • Now click on the Device Manager and tap “OK”.
  • Choose the option “Show Hidden Devices” and tap on “Print Queue” to such that you get an expanded list.
  • In the next step, right-click in Brother Driver and then choose the option of an updated driver.
  • Select the option of search automatically for updated driver software such that the search starts automatically.
  • Allow the Windows to find the software and follow the instructions that follow on the screen.

And even after these above steps did not help in resolving your issue and you are still finding a resolution for my Brother printer is in an error state then you can still follow the next step to get away with the issue.

Method 6: Removing and then Reinstalling Brother Printer from your Computer!

The best solution to fix this error is to uninstall the whole printer and then reinstall it once again. The steps related to it can be mentioned below.

  • From Windows 10, open the settings option and head over to the devices after selecting the option.
  • Select the option of printers and scanners and then select Brother Printer and click “Remove Device” under the name of your printer.
  • Tap “Yes” to confirm that you want to remove the printer. And now to install your printer, you need to type printer in the search box of your windows 10.
  • And tap on the “Add A Printer and Scanner” option from the list.
  • Choose the “Select the Printer” option and tap on the name of your printer and tap “Add Device”.
  • It might take a few minutes for the Printer to be installed in the device.

So, after following the above steps you can check if your error state in the Brother printer is removed or not.

The users who are unable to understand any steps stated above shall get in touch with the official support team without hesitation. The trained and qualified representatives will be delightfully helping you irrespective of your time zone.

How to Connect Brother MFC-L2700DW Printer to WiFi?

How to Connect Brother MFC-L2700DW Printer to WiFi

Learn How Do I Connect Brother MFC-L2700DW Printer to WiFi Network

Want to connect Brother MFC-L2700DW printer to a WiFi network? Then, don’t worry as you will get complete assistance here in this article, about connecting your Brother printer to your home network. If you are facing any issue, then it will be easily fixed and if required, you can contact the printer technicians also. Without an internet connection, you won’t be able to install the printer driver and hence it will not allow the printer to work or print anything.

Brother MFC-L2700DW Printer Wireless Setup

If you want to know how to connect Brother MFC-l2700DW printer to wifi and are trying to set up your Brother printer, then before set up, make sure for the following points:

  • You must check the network settings of your wireless router. You need to write down the Network name and network key of the router.
  • For SSID and password, you can check the base or side of the router.
  • After checking your network setting requirements, you can proceed to the setup of the printer.
  • Once you have located the network settings, press the Menu button on the printer, select Network, and press OK.
  • Then, select the Setup Wizard and press OK.
  • After that, press the UP arrow and select your network.
  • Further, enter the network key or password of the router.
  • Finally, it is connected and you can try printing.

How to Find Wireless Security Information on Windows?

Below mentioned are the steps to locate the wireless security information info easily:

1. For Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, the Brother printer has developed a utility of Windows Setup Helper which will help you in finding the security settings.

2. You need to run this utility on the computer which is connected to the wireless network.

  • Open the Network connections on the computer.
  • Then, right-click on the Wireless network connection and then choose Properties.
  • Select the Wireless Networks tab.
  • If Windows is unable to manage the wireless adapter, select the option of Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings.
  • After that, highlight the preferred network and then click Properties.
  • Finally, write down the Network Authentication and data encryption and click OK.

How to Find Wireless Security Info for Macintosh OS X 10.5 or Greater?

Follow the steps to locate your wireless network settings on your Mac:

1. Get Wireless Password;

  • Click Go, then Utilities, and then double click on Keychain access.
  • Under Keychain, click All Items and Password or Login and click system.
  • Then, double click the SSID.
  • Click the Attributes tab and check the Show password option.
  • In the prompt, enter the Keychain password and click Allow.
  • Note down the password displayed on the screen.

2. Retrieve Wireless Authentication using Network Utility;

  • In the menu bar, click WiFi or the Airport.
  • Then, click open network preferences.
  • In the list of network connections, click Wi-Fi or Airport.
  • You need to ensure that there is the correct network name in the list and click Advanced.
  • After that, note down the Network name and security type.

Know-How do I Connect Brother MFC-L2700DW Printer to WiFi?

Follow these steps to set up your Brother printer on a wireless network:

  • Connect your printer to the power supply and then turn ON the printer.
  • Then, click on the Menu option in the printer control panel.
  • Use the up and down arrow keys to select the Network options and tap OK.
  • Then, select the WLAN option and tap OK.
  • After that, select the Setup Wizard and tap OK.
  • When your WLAN Enable? shows up, select Yes option to enable the wireless network.
  • The printer will find for your network and show a list of accessible Network Names (SSIDs).
  • At the point when a list of SSIDs shows up, press the Up or Down keys to choose the SSID you wrote down before, and afterward press OK.
  • On the off chance that utilizing an authentication and encryption method that requires the Network Key (Password).
  • To type the Network Key, at that point press OK to apply your settings. Choose Yes option to apply the settings.
  • The printer attempts to connect with the wireless network you have chosen.
  • If your printer connected successfully, The Brother printer LCD displays Connected.

The most common issue with Brother MFC-l2700DW printer not connecting to wifi and the printer is not close enough to get proper signals. If this issue is coming up, you need to keep them close for the proper working of the printer.

Download and Install your Brother Printer Driver/Software:

You need to make sure that your computer is ON, and you are logged in to the computer. Before installation, you need to disable the personal firewall software, which can be enabled after the installation completes. The steps of installation are:

  • You need to go to the Brother printer website.
  • Search for the printer driver of your printer model.
  • Once you get it, you simply download it.
  • After downloading, you can install the setup and all the files will be saved.
  • Finally, your printer driver for the printer is installed on your computer.

If you are still experiencing some issues with the Brother MFC-L2700DW Printer, you can visit the official support page of the printer. The technical experts will assist you with all the required info related to the Brother printers. You can discuss any query about the printer with any size or configurations. All the contact details are provided on the official website of the Brother printer.

Why Is My Canon Printer Not Printing Color Correctly?

Canon Printer Not Printing Color Correctly

Learn How Do I Fix My Canon Pixma Printer Not Printing Color Correctly

Being a Canon printer user, you can get the best in class and high-end printing features when using it on your multiple devices. Users can print and scan documents, files, and photos with the help of their Canon printer. But sometimes users may also get plenty of technical issues when they try to print anything from their printer and suddenly it doesn’t print properly and shows some unwanted error. There are lots of reasons behind the not printing issue of the Canon printer and you will require to fix the Canon printer not printing color correctly problem as soon as possible in order to get back to your printing works. In this article, you will learn about the step by step process of fixing not printing issue of Canon printer after knowing the exact causes.

Why is Canon Printer not Printing Color Correctly?

You can face this issue due to the plenty of reasons and some of the most common reasons behind the not printing color issue of Canon printer are given below:

  • Due to corrupted printer drivers.
  • Empty ink cartridges.
  • Paper jam issues.
  • Improper installation of printer firmware.
  • Configuration errors.
  • Compatibility issues.
  • Due to the dusty and faulty printer head.
  • Using duplicate ink.

These above-given causes are responsible for the Canon printer not printing color issue and you can simply find these errors in your printer in order to fix the issue of not printing. There are lots of ways to resolve the not printing issue of your Canon printer and if you don’t know how to fix, then you must be required to know before taking any step for resolving.

How do I Fix the Color on my Canon Printer

Method 1# Check Your Ink Cartridge

An empty ink cartridge may also cause the not printing correctly issue of the Canon printer and you should check whether your cartridge properly filled with ink or not. You can follow the below steps for checking the ink level:

  • First of all, open the front door of your printer.
  • Now take the cartridge out very carefully.
  • Now check for the ink level and then replace any empty cartridge with the proper ink.
  • After that, place the printer cartridge back to its original position and then take a print test to check.

Method 2# Update Printer Driver

Sometimes improper and faulty printer driver may also cause plenty of technical issues and if you are facing the issue of not printing color with your Canon printer, then you can update your printer driver to the latest version as per your model and OS. You can download the official printer driver from the official website and then install it on your computer.

Method 3# Check Color Printing Settings

Make sure that you have enabled the color printing option in your Canon printer because if it would not be enabled, then you may also get varied printing issues. For this, you can follow the below steps to enable the color printing option:

  • First of all, go to the Start menu on your computer.
  • Open the Settings.
  • Now click on Printers and Scanner option.
  • Now select your Canon printer from the list of the available printers.
  • After that, click on the Properties tab.
  • Now check whether you have enabled the color printing option or not. If not, then enable it.

Method 4# Restart Your Printer

Restarting your Canon printer may help you to fix the plenty of technical issues and you can fix the not printing color correctly issue after restarting your printer. You can take a printing test to check whether the problem has resolved or not.

After applying the above-described steps, you can fix the Canon Pixma printer not printing color issues in a very simple manner. But in case you are not competent enough to resolve this problem or have any other query, then you can straightforwardly contact the official support team of Canon for instant solutions.

Why Is My Kodak Printer Printing Blank Pages?

Kodak Printer Printing Blank Pages

Learn How do I Fix my Kodak Printer Printing Blank Pages Issue

The printer is the device that is the most important part of our life. As we all know, the Kodak printer is the best quality printer available in the market. It prints in higher quality. Kodak is verified for the best printer. It is reliable, fast, and accurate. Some issue is there which comes in the printer. It is really frustrating when in between the work some issue comes up.

The most common issue faced by the printer is that it is receiving a blank print out page. There can be so many reasons for Kodiak printer is printing blank pages. But we have various solutions for it. We are going to discuss how to fix the problem of printer printing blank pages.

Reasons Behind Why Does my Kodak Printer Print Blank Pages

These are the following reasons because of which my Kodak printer is printing blank pages. We can fix the problem more easily if we know the cause of the problem. Here are the reasons:

  • If we are using the incorrect format of the paper, so this issue can occur.
  • Blocked nozzles of the printer.
  • If you are using out-dated or damaged software.
  • If you are using a third-party cartridge.
  • Improper blank page settings.

How to Fix Kodak Printer Printing Blank Pages?

Now, we also know the reasons for the Kodak printer printing blank pages. So we can easily resolve the issue of the printer. There are various methods to solve the problem of the printer. Here are some points by which we can fix the issue of printer print blank pages.

Change Ink Cartridge: In most of the case, we have seen that the issue is because of the low ink. If you don’t have enough ink in the printer then it will not print anything or will become a blur. So it will be better if you check the printer before using it. If the printer is low on the link then replace it with the new cartridge.

Replace the Third-Party Cartridge: You can fix the printer issue by this method also. It can be the issue that after installing the third party cartridge, so this issue comes. It is a compatible issue. To fix the issue, we always recommend using compatible cartage with the printer. Check the issue is fixed or not. This can be the possible reasons for Kodak printer is printing blank pages.

Confirm the Paper Size: If you are using the wrong paper size, this problem can occur in your printer. Some people are unknown to his fact and they use the wrong paper size. You should check your printer settings before using the printer. Use proper paper size which is compatible with your printer, otherwise, these types of issues will come in the printer. Check the issue is fixed or not.

Proper Blank Page Settings: There should be proper blank page settings on your printer. Change the settings to default. To fix the error, you should check the blank page settings properly and fix it accordingly.

These are the solutions to fix the issue of Kodak printer printing blank pages. If you need more information on the Kodak printer, you can go to this official support page. They are available for your help.

Why Is My Zebra Printer Not Printing?

Zebra Printer Not Printing

Learn How Do I Fix My Zebra Printer Not Printing Properly?

Zebra printers are among the widely used printers across the world. There are multiple sizes and configurations of the printers available in the market. You can choose any of them as per your requirement and budget. If you already own the Zebra printer and are facing any issue, you can either contact the technician or try to fix it on your own. In case your printer is not printing properly, you can refer to this article.

Troubleshooting the Issue in Zebra Printer

If you are unable to use your Zebra printer as there is an issue of Zebra printer not printing, you need to fix the issue by trying some troubleshooting. Initially, go for the basic troubleshooting as it is easy and requires less time and effort for resolving the issue. The steps of troubleshooting are as follows:

  • In the first step, check for the cables, if they are plugged in properly or not. You can plug them directly into the socket instead of connecting them through extension cords.
  • You need to check that the network cable is firmly plugged in the computer as well as the printer. To ensure the working of network cable, you can check the lights blinking, indicating the network connection.
  • If the lights on the printer are not ON, you can unplug the cables and plug it back after some time. Then, press the power button on the printer to check if it is working or not.

If these steps do not work and there is an issue of Zebra printer not printing anything, you can go for advanced troubleshooting. The steps involved in this are as follows:

Check the Status of the Printer: For this, you need to ensure that there is enough paper in your paper tray. Also, check for the stuck or jammed papers. You also need to check the ink toner for proper printing.

Cancel all Jobs: If your printer has stopped printing anything, you need to stop all other jobs in the queue. If you do not quit the jobs, it can affect the hardware also. You can complete the force quit using the Control panel on your computer.

Set your Zebra Printer as Default: Sometimes, the printer only takes command for the default printer. If you make Zebra as the default printer, it will carry out all jobs easily.

Update Driver: Most of the time, the issue comes when the driver is outdated or not compatible with the printer. You must have the latest version of the printer driver installed on your computer for the proper working of Zebra printers.

Zebra Label Printer Not Printing Correctly

Some common issues faced during label printer not printing correctly are:

  • All the print requests result in a blank label.
  • There is no print or image on the labels of the printer.
  • It seems that the printer is printing but the labels are blank.

Causes of the Issue are:

  • The printhead contains debris or the label is preventing the heat transfer.
  • There are wrong media in a Direct thermal application.
  • The ribbon and media do not match properly.
  • The wrong side of the ribbon is inked.

Fixes of the Issues:

  • Ensure the printer is loaded correctly.
  • Check the inked side of the ribbon.
  • Use a matched ribbon and media.
  • Clean the printheads properly.

If the issue of Zebra printer not printing anything is still there, then you can visit the official website of the printer and take help from there. The support executives will assist you with all the issues and queries related to Zebra services. The contact info is easily available on Zebra’s official website.

Why is my Kodak Printer not Printing Black?

Kodak Printer Not Printing Black

Learn How do I Fix my Kodak Printer Not Printing Black Ink?

Printer issues are very common among printer users. If you own a printer, you also must have faced some issues at some point in time. The issue could be anything, such as ink issues, ink cartridge issues, poor quality, etc. In Kodak printers, the issue which is commonly encountered by the users is Kodak printer not printing black. It does not mean that your printer is damaged and you need a new one, you can easily fix the issue.

Causes of the Issue:

You might have encountered Kodak printer not printing black ink due to some common reasons as listed below:

  • An issue with the ink cartridges
  • The faulty printhead of the printer
  • Missing files of the printer driver
  • Damaged printer

Fixes for the Issue of Kodak Printer Not Printing Black

Whenever you are facing the issue and you notice that the Kodak printer will not print black ink, you need to follow some troubleshooting to overcome this issue. The simple and easy steps to fix this issue are as follows:

Check Calibration: In the first step, you need to check the calibration as in most of the cases, this is the cause of black ink issue. You can check and even if your printer is calibrated, it must be rechecked by inserting a new ink cartridge. To perform this, you must use the features of self-diagnostic on the printer. You must check the alignment feature also.

Clean Cartridges: It might be possible that the cartridges are dirty or the ink is spilled over them. For this, you need to remove the cartridge completely from the printer and then clean the scanner and laser points. For cleaning, you can use a dry cotton swab and do not use water. After cleaning it, you can try printing a page and check if it is working properly or not.

Check Cartridge Tape: The new ink cartridge is equipped with a plastic strip for protection, to prevent it from spilling out. It might be possible, that you have forgotten to remove the protective plastic layer. So, you need to check whether the tapes are removed or not. If it is there, remove and try using the printer.

Update Printer Driver: It might be possible that your Kodak printer is not working properly due to outdated printer drivers. So, for proper functionality, you must check for the available updates. If there is any latest version available, you need to install it in your computer system. To update the driver, you need to go to the Control panel and select the printer category. Then, under System and Security, you can update your printer driver. Once it is done successfully, restart your computer as well as your printer and check by printing a page.

If you are still facing the issue of Kodak printer not printing black properly, then you go to the official website and get help from there. The technical experts will assist you with the issue by providing you with the tips and troubleshooting steps. If you have any other issues related to the Kodak printer, you can discuss that also.