Why is my Brother Printer Printing Blank Pages?

Brother Printer Printing Blank Pages

Get Complete Information To Fix Why Is My Brother Printer Printing Blank Pages Issue On Windows And Mac

Undoubtedly, Brother Printers provides quality prints with a number of efficient features. It also offers a wide range of printers with top-notch technologies and features. However, it gives flawless services to access there are times when due to any hardware or software glitch a user finds using printer troublesome. Well, for such a case, it offers a simple fix from the customer support team to rectify each and every glitch. No matter, if the issue is minor or major, if you have an issue it will be resolved by customer service.

Additionally, if you’re one of those users who say my Brother printer prints blank pages and facing a problem. You should stop worrying about it. As this article has brought you all the information through which you can get perfect prints on your Brother printer.

How to Fix Brother Printer Is Printing Blank Pages Issue on Windows?

  • First of all, you should press the Windows key on your system and under All Apps select the Windows System.
  • Then you need to choose the Control Panel and go to the View Devices and Printers section under Hardware and Sound.
  • Next, by opening the Printers folder you need to check the Printer’s properties.
  • After that, you’re required to click on the Advanced option and click the Printer Processor option.
  • Thereafter, you have to select the Winprint under the Print Processor.
  • Also, you need to be sure that you have selected the RAW option under the Default Data type and click OK.
  • Further, Under the Advanced Tab, you should uncheck “Keep printed documents” if it is checked and click Apply option.
  • Moreover, by choosing the General Tab and click “Print Test Page”.
  • If your printer prints correctly, then the problem is resolved.

This is how Brother printer printing blank pages glitch will be resolved and prints correctly. Just in case, you still see the issue, you should try to uninstall and reinstall the Brother MFL-Pro Software Suite. You can download it online or if you have a Software CD, use it to reinstall the software.

If the Brother Printer issue still persists, you need to contact the manufacturer or support team of Brother Printer to fix the issue as soon as possible. Moving ahead, you can check the fix to Brother printer blank page issue on Mac.

How to Fix Brother Printer Is Printing Blank Pages Issue on Mac?

  • To begin with, you should open the System Preferences option using Apple Menu or in the Dock.
  • Then select the “Printers & Scanners” icon under Hardware.
  • Next, choose the Brother Printer Driver that you want to delete from the list.
  • If you don’t find the Printer driver name in the list, click the “+” plus button below the printers section on the left side.
  • Press the “-” minus button below the printers section on the left side.
  • Also, you’re required to click OK or Delete Printer in order to confirm the process.
  • If you have numerous duplicates of the Brother Printer Driver in the list, delete all.
  • Snap the + plus button below the Printers section area on the left side.
  • Now, click the “Default Icon” at the top of the window.
  • Choose your printer from the printer name list.
  • Further, from the Use or Printer using the list option, you need to sure that CUPS Driver is selected (Shown as Brother XXXXXX CUPS Machine’s Model).
  • After that, you have to click the Add button, in this way, the printer driver will appear in the list and close the Printer list.

Now, you should try to print and you will see the print clearly. And you will no longer see any Brother Printer issue. If your printer still prints blank pages and you’re wondering why is my Brother printer printing blank pages? Then you must need assistance to resolve this problem. You need to contact the customer service team by dialing the Brother Printer helpline.

Get Your Brother Printer Issues Fixed Instantly Anytime:

Since fixing a problem with your Brother Printer is never been a hassle. All a user requires to perform a few steps to resolve any issue in their Brother Printer. However, you can get help from the support team to resolve the glitch anytime from anywhere. You need to tell them the issue that the Brother printer keeps printing blank pages, immediate support will be provided to you.

How to Setup Canon Wireless Printer | Wireless Setup | WiFi Setup

Canon Printer Setup

Get The Details About Canon Printer Wireless Setup and Learn How To Setup Canon Printer to WiFi on Mac and Windows Device

Although there are multiple brands of printers in the market, Canon is the first choice of users when it comes to perfect print. Canon is well-known for its high-quality printing. In order to use the printer, the first step is its setup.

Setup Of Canon Wireless Printer

If a user wants to know how to setup Canon wireless printer, then it can be easily carried out by following a set of instructions. Canon printer wireless setup is used to connect a user’s computer and the Canon printer via wireless network. If a wireless connection is established, there will be an advantage of printing anywhere using the device. If a file is saved in the device and it needs to be printed, just select the file and get it printed.

Canon Printer Setup Wirelessly

Thinking about how to set up a Canon printer on your Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone, iPod or Android phone? Essentially download the “Canon PRINT App”, press your printer wireless to connect button and the information stored on your device, including your WiFi password and name, will automatically be moved to make the setup process quicker and simpler than any time.

Different Methods WiFi Setup of Canon Printer

The two methods used in wireless connection are the WPS method and the standard connection method. When a user is looking for a Canon printer setup, any of these methods can be used for the connection. Ensure your Canon printer is capable of connecting with the Internet before proceeding.

WPS Setup Connection Method: This method is commonly used for Windows and Mac operating systems. The wireless router has a push-button for WPS. Check for the wireless connection settings on the computer and then enable WEP security. Below mentioned are the steps to connect Canon printer to Wi-Fi:

  • Turn on the Canon printer and place the router nearby so that the WPS button could be in reach.
  • Hold the WiFi button on the printer till the light is ON.
  • After waiting for 2 minutes, hit the WPS button on the router.
  • While searching for a network, blue Wi-Fi light be on. Once connected to a wireless network. Power and Wi-Fi lights will be still.
  • To check the connectivity, try printing a page from the Canon printer.
  • Put the sheets into the printer and check if the printer works properly.

You’ve finished connecting your Canon printer to WiFi network. Have a go at printing a test page and it should work. These steps will help the user in Canon printer wireless setup.

Canon Standard Connection Method: If the router does not have WPS feature, use this method. Below mentioned are the guidelines when a user wants to know how to setup Canon printer using this method.

Network Settings:

  • Connect computer to printer for the network settings.
  • Load the input tray with papers.
  • Press & hold the resume or cancel button for a few seconds.
  • In the printout of the information page, check the connection status.
  • Verify the network name also.

Initial Preparation:

  • Ensure that the printer is switched on and properly connected for setup. For wired connection, ethernet cable is required.
  • Check if the required drivers are already installed on the system.
  • Connect the printer to the internet and check its speed.
  • In case of a router, connect the computer and printer to the router.

Canon Printer Setup For Windows OS:

  • Click on Start and then Settings to open it.
  • Then, Devices is clicked in the Settings window.
  • Under this option, select Printer and Scanners and then choose the option of
  • Add the printer or scanner. It will add a printer in the list.
  • Connect it to the same network as of printer.

Complete the set up on your device by following the above steps. When the setup is finished, you’ll have the option to start utilizing your printer. Finally, the printer can be used for printing from Windows and Canon wireless printer setup is completed.

Canon Printer Setup For Mac OS:

  • The first step is to choose System Preferences and select Printers & Scanners.
  • Select + symbol to add the printer.
  • In the available list, select the printer and add it.
  • In the case of a router, connect the Mac device and printer to the same network.
  • To ensure the connection, take the test print.

To know more about Canon printer WiFi setup or for any other query, the support team of Canon can be contacted. The executives in the customer support of Canon will provide all the required assistance to the users. The details of contact using which the support can be reached is available on the official website of Canon.

How to Change Toner on Brother Printer? [Learn]

How to Change Toner on Brother Printer

Learn How do I Replace or Change the Toner Cartridge on a Brother Printer

Brother printers are Japanese printing electronic devices and known for their outstanding and commendable printing and customer services. Being of the Japanese origin you shall be relaxed as you will not be facing any issues with these printers. And as everyone knows that a printer works on the toner cartridge and drum unit, this printer is also the same.

But, if you find that the ink in your toner is finished then you are on the right path to know how to change the toner in Brother printer. And if you do not know how to proceed then you shall not panic as you have landed at the correct place. This article has been written to answer your question. But, before proceeding you must know the difference between toner and drum units.

Introduction to Toner Cartridge and Drum Unit!

Toner is a container that holds toner powder to provide ink for printing purposes. While a drum unit is an electrically charged cylinder that transfers toner powder and ink to paper for printing the required content. So, toner cartridge and drum unit work together. And to know how to change toner on Brother printer along with drum unit you can follow the steps below.

Changing Your Toner and Drum Unit in Simple Steps!

Before knowing how to change the toner on a Brother Printer, you are required to prepare a new cartridge for the printer. So, first, let us learn how to prepare a new cartridge in the below steps!

Steps to Prepare Your New Cartridge in Your Brother Printer!

  • First, unbox the new cartridge which you have bought and then remove its packaging.
  • Turn your cartridge towards the bottom and then remove the orange protective clip from it.
  • From the trash can, remove the sealed tape from the side of the cartridge.
  • This tape can easily come out in one single strip which you can throw.
  • And now your cartridge is ready to install in your printer.

Steps to Prepare Your Drum Unit!

  • Unbox the drum unit and remove the packaging from it.
  • And now you are required to remove the orange protective unit which is surrounded by the drum unit.

And after setting your new cartridge to be ready to be installed, you can follow the steps below to know how to replace toner on Brother Printer in an easy way.

Now Learn How to Change Toner Cartridge on Brother Printer!

  • Turn on your printer and open its front cover.
  • Remove the toner cartridge and drum unit from your printer and then release the toner cartridge from the drum unit assembly.
  • This can be done by pushing down on the green lock lever which is present on the left side of the drum unit and remove the toner cartridge from the drum unit.
  • After you have unpacked the new toner cartridge.
  • Expel the protective cover.
  • You are required to put the new toner cartridge immovably into the drum unit until you hear it lock into place.
  • Ensure you put the toner cartridge accurately or it might separate from the drum unit.
  • Clean the crown wire inside the drum unit by delicately sliding the green tab from left to right and right to left a few times.
  • Now you can install the toner cartridge and drum unit assembly once more into the printer.
  • Close the front cover of the printer.

Hence, with the help of the above steps, you can learn how to replace toner for Brother printer and make your printing easy.


  • Try not to turn off the brother printer or open the front cover until the printer comes back to Ready Mode.
  • The toner cartridge that accompanies your printer is a Starter toner cartridge.
  • It is a smart thought to keep a new toner cartridge prepared for use when you see the Toner Low admonition.
  • To make sure excellent printing, we suggest utilizing just Genuine Brother printers toner cartridges.
  • Try not to unpack the new toner cartridge until you are prepared to install it.
  • If a toner cartridge is left unpacked for quite a while, the toner life will be abbreviated.
  • Brother printer strongly recommends you do not refill the toner cartridge gave your printer.

Seeking Assistance From Help Team!

For the users who did not understand how to change or replace toner and drum units are free to contact the customer service of Brother printer. This customer service is 24/7 active on different platforms such that they can assist the users at any time irrespective of the time zone.

So, if you want any other help apart from the issue with toner changing then you are free to contact the customer service without hesitating.

How to Add Brother Printer to Mac? [Learn]

How to Add Brother Printer to Mac

Want To Add Brother Printer To Mac OS? Here Is The Detailed Info

Brother Printer is a well-known product of the Japanese company which specializes in various hardware devices. The latest versions of Brother printers are available which vary according to sizes and configurations. The printing quality is always improved in the latest products for better and smooth printing.

Get Info About Setup Brother Printer On Mac

Although Brother printers are known for their best printing quality but there are times when a user requires assistance regarding the setup of the printer. If a user wants to know how to setup a Brother printer to a Mac device, then simply the below-mentioned steps are followed:

1. The first step is to switch the Brother Printer and get it unplugged from the power socket. If any other cables are there, detach them also.

2. In the next step, choose the type of connection to proceed:

For USB Users

  • For this, the user is required to plug the Brother printer to the power socket.
  • Then, the printer is connected to the Mac device by USB cable.

For Wireless Network Users

  • Plug the Brother printer to the power socket and turn the printer power on.
  • After that, you will need to set up a brother printer on the wireless network.

For Wired Network Users

  • In this process, the user needs to connect the network cable to the computer and printer.
  • Then, plug the power cable to the printer and socket and then turn on the machine.

3. After that, the user needs to click the Apple menu on the Mac device and select the System preferences option in the drop-down menu.

4. The next step is to click the icon for Print & Fax.

5. Then, click on + icon which is there on the left side.

6. In the next step, click the Default menu. Then, select the Brother printer name in the available printer list.

7. Further, Confirm that the correct printer is listed for Print Using and Add button to start printing.

For the CUPS Driver:

  • Make sure that XXXXXXX + CUPS is recorded for Print Using or Use. (Where XXXXXXX is the machine model name.)

For PostScript Driver (not accessible for all printer models):

  • Make sure that XXXXXXX BR-Script or XXXXXXX PS is recorded for Print Using or Use. (Where XXXXXXX is the machine model name.)

For AirPrint compatible printer models:

  • If the AirPrint driver is chosen, at that point you won’t have the full functionality of the printer driver. Rather, we suggest that you pick the CUPS Driver, as point by point above, for the most complete functionality

8. Finally, the machine gets added to the list of Print & Fax.

9. Once done, close the system preferences section.

Info About Add my Brother Printer Using Mac OS

There are a number of times when multiple printers are connected to one device and there is no spacing for adding more printers. For this, unused printers are removed and the new one is added. If a user wants to know how to add Brother printer to Mac, then simply follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • The first step is to click the Apple icon and then System Preferences option is selected.
  • Then, select the option of Printers and Scanners.
  • After that, click on the printer name which is not in use and remove it from the list.
  • Once removed, the user can simply add the new printer by adding it to the list of paired devices.

What To Do If Brother Printer Not Connected?

In case, the user is unable to connect Brother Printer to the Mac device, then below-mentioned steps are followed to resolve the issue:

  • Launch the Airport utility which is available in the Utilities folder under Applications folder.
  • Then, choose the base station and enter the password, when asked.
  • After that, click the option of Add WPS printer option from the main menu.
  • Further, choose either the First attempt or PIN for allowing WPS connection and click Continue.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the process.
  • Once it is done, activate the Airport utility to check the connectivity.

All these steps will help in resolving the issue but if there is still any query or a user wants to know how to add Brother printer on Mac, the customer support can be contacted. The executives in the support team will provide the best solution and suitable assistance to the users. The details of contact are easily available on the official website of Brother Printer.

Brother Printer Troubleshooting | Help +1-805-824-0498

Brother Printer Troubleshooting

Get Whistle-Stop Solution For Brother Printer Troubleshooting – Know About The Fixes For Brother Printer Issues

Brother printers are among the best printer brands across the world. The services are satisfactory, which attracts the users to choose a printer according to their requirements. The printers vary according to configuration and size. To facilitate users, customer support is also provided.

Facing difficulty while using Brother Printer? If you are getting scrap from the printer and getting low visibility print by the printer. This might be due to when the cartridge is not been installed properly. Avoid using the old configured printer and make use of the newly configured printer.

Fixes To Resolve The Error State Of Printer:

If a user is facing any issue related to Brother printers, it can be easily resolved by following the troubleshooting steps. Here are the steps for resolving the Brother printer error state issue:

  • The simplest and best way is to restart the system.
  • The user needs to check for network connectivity as it causes problems in most of the cases.
  • The issue might get resolved by updating or reinstalling the printer drivers in the system.
  • By running a troubleshooter, the issue might get resolved as it removes most of the bugs from the system.
  • If nothing works, uninstall and reinstall the software of the printer. Most of the time, the issue gets resolved with this fix.

Fixes For Reset Drum Issue:

To fix the issue of reset drum error message, troubleshooting can be done. Below mentioned are the steps for resolving Brother printer reset drum counter:

  • The first step is to ensure that the machine is turned on.
  • Open the front cover of the printer.
  • Then, press and hold the OK button for 2 seconds.
  • After that, press the UP arrow key or 1 for resetting the drum counter.
  • Finally, close the front cover and check the working of the printer.

To avoid errors and issues, a user should always choose genuine products and parts of the printer.

Fixes For The Error Codes Of Printer:

In order to fix Brother printer error codes, a user can follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned below, which varies according to error codes:

  • E50: The fuser unit of the device malfunctions in this error code. Turn off the device for some time and the issue might get resolved.
  • E60: When the cooling fan is at fault, this error code is faced. For this, the device is restarted and the issue gets resolved.
  • Replace PF Kit Error: In this, the pick-up rollers and separation pads are not working correctly and needs to be replaced.
  • 71 Error Message: This error can be resolved by troubleshooting the printer for its laser or scanner unit motor.

Troubleshooting For Print Quality:

If a user is not satisfied with the print quality of the printer, then use the below-mentioned Brother printer troubleshooting print quality:

  • Press the ink management key on the Brother printer.
  • Use any of the arrow keys to select Test print and press Set.
  • Then, press the up or down key for selecting Print Quality and press Set.
  • After that, Press the color start.
  • The test sheet is then reviewed and the user can determine the print quality on the sheet.

Troubleshooting Error Of Offline Printer:

To resolve the error message of offline, a user can follow the steps mentioned below for Brother printer troubleshooting offline:

  • The user needs to ensure that there the Brother printer is On and there are no issues.
  • The printer should be connected to the computer.
  • The Brother printer should be set as the default printer.
  • Try deleting the print jobs from the window of Device and Printers.
  • The status of the printer should be checked in Device and Printers.
  • Delete, if there is any copy of the Brother printer’s icon.
  • Ensure that the correct printer drivers are being used.

Troubleshooting Wireless On Brother Printers:

Let’s take a closer look at getting deep insights to troubleshoot this problem with printer of brother printers troubleshooting wireless.
Stick with the steps to enhance the transparency using this newly driven technology:

  • Consistent power supply to your printer.
  • Check whether the USB cables are connected properly or not, if not get connected it easily.
  • Turn printer off and restart it to use.
  • Uninstall New brother drivers.
  • Power off all the connections to configure it again.
  • Check whether the toner cartridge is installed properly or not.
  • Drivers should be installed in a proper manner.
  • Resolve paper jam and paper scraps problem.

If you are not able to connect with the brother printer Wi-Fi, Then use the right solution listed below.

Don’t get baffled by facing this problem. Get your way on your own to get resolved this trouble in a simple way. Let’s watch it on how to resolve easily Brother printer troubleshooting WiFi problem.

  • First, you have to cut the power supply by removing the power cord.
  • Hold the power button for about 10 seconds to use.
  • Reconnect the LAN wire to the hub to verify a good internet connection.
  • Get the power on again.
  • Get into the settings of Wi-Fi.
  • Connect with the Wi-Fi network using the WPS method.
  • Check whether your Wi-Fi router is broadcasting the wireless signal.
  • Solid green Wi-Fi light shows you enable on the router.

Facing Brother Printer Error TS-02:

Finding an error? Find the below-mentioned steps in ascending order to troubleshoot the problem to get your way to reach out to the solution of brother printer error ts-02 problem.

Stick with the steps:

  • Check whether the WLAN access point/ router is powered on or not.
  • Get a good internet connection to get easily connect with the Printing error.
  • Run the temporary location of your printer from the WLAN access point.
  • It’s required that the MAC address of the brother printer is allowed in the filter.
  • Check your Brother printer is using 4GHz range radio signals.
  • But if your system is using the 5GHz range of signals.
  • Printer error TS-02 will show on your device.
  • In other ways, you can make use of SSID and security information and confirm it.
  • Reconfirm the SSID details and the security information.
  • Now Restart your brother printer to get your problem resolved.

Now finally you are very close to eradicating the problem of TS-02 message. Use this most convenient and suitable way to sort the issue and keep running your work smoothly.

Fix The Error Message On Brother Printer:

Facing brother printer error message, no need to worry about the process of How to fix the issue of error message. Let’s stick to the most possible way to rectify the issue early and get you in the right direction.

  • If your brother printer laser printer is stopped working and displaying you an error message.
  • Get stopped your printer for at least 10 minutes.
  • Restart it.

Solve Troubleshooting Paper Jam In Brother Printer:

Get resolved the problem of the brother printer troubleshooting paper jam problem and make smooth functioning of the printer without any difficulty. Keep the energy to use it again to work properly.

Stick to the points for brother printer paper jam problem:

  • First, you need to open the front cover.
  • Leave the machine idle for at least 10 minutes.
  • Drag the drum unit and cartridge assembly carefully out of the machine.
  • Pull out the Paper Tray from the machine.
  • Make use of both hands to pull out the jammed paper.

Get connect with the Brother printer troubleshooting phone number and add the capabilities in your term of leading or reaching out to the solution. First, give your model number of the product to get all your information about the printer. Team members of the Brother printer keep the values of their relationship and stay firm in order to give quick assistance on the phone number.

Support On Troubleshooting:

If still, the user is facing any issue, Brother printer troubleshooting user guide can be used. The user guide is provided along with the printer. But if the user wants to contact the support team, then that option is also available. For the details to contact the support team, a user can browse the official website of Brother Printer.

How to Fix Epson Printer Error Code 0xF1

Epson Printer Error Code 0xf1

Simple Methods To Fix Error Code 0xf1 On Epson Printer

Printer issues can be very disappointing especially when you want something to be printed urgently. However, this is not completely on you to fix every issue that you may encounter in your printing device. One of the common issues that are faced by the printer users is the Error Code 0xf1. The error code is associated with the Epson printers which can cause major disappointment to the users while performing various types of printing tasks.

Moreover, the Epson printer error 0xf1 can be a result of both hardware and software problems. One of the most common problems that are being faced by the users is the corrupted Registry Entry. Due to this your printer’s head will not be able to work correctly. So, read this article further to obtain more information on to fix error code 0xf1 on the Epson printer.

Different Methods To Fix Epson Printer Error Code 0xf1

In this section, you will learn about the easy fixes depending on the type of issues- Hardware or Software. Follow the steps listed below to fix the Epson printer error code 0xf1.

Method 1: Fix Paper Jam

  • Cancel the print command from your computer.
  • Smoothly pull out the paper that is stuck in the paper tray in your printer.
  • Press the copy button and resume the printing process.
  • If the process begins then insert the paper again after turning off your printer.

Method 2: Reset your Epson Printer

  • First, turn off your printing device.
  • Remove all the cables from the device and bring a paper clip.
  • Look for the reset slot on the back of the printer and then press the On button along with holding the clip.
  • Wait for 5 seconds and then the printer will print out a warning letter.
  • Let go of the reset button and then another paper will be printed mentioning the reset IP address of your printer.

Method 3: Move The Print Head

  • Open up the top cover of your printer.
  • Gently hold the printer head and move it from left to right slowly.
  • Do this for 4-6 times and then use a tissue paper to clean the print head.
  • Put back the printer cover and then turn on the device.
  • Try printing a paper and see if the printer working properly.

Method 4: Troubleshoot

  • In your computer or laptop, navigate to the Control Panel.
  • Select the Hardware and Sound option.
  • Next, click on the Devices & Printers option.
  • Now, select your printer device and then right-click on it.
  • Select the Troubleshoot option and then follow the further on-screen instructions to continue with the troubleshooting process.

Method 5: Try Printer Reinstallation

  • Head over to the Control panel on your computer.
  • Select the Hardware and Sound option and click on the Devices & Printers option.
  • Next, select your Epson printer and then right-click on it.
  • Now, click on the Remove Device button.
  • Reboot your computer or laptop and then again navigate to the control panel.
  • Again select the Hardware and Sound option.
  • Next, select the Devices & Printers option and select the Add Printer option.
  • Next, follow the onscreen instructions to install your Epson printer

Additionally, you can also try updating your printer’s drivers and see if you can avoid error code 0xf1. However, the aforementioned methods can only help you to fix such an error at the most basic level. Furthermore, if you still see Epson printer error message 0xf1 on your device then it is strongly recommended that you should take it to the authorized service center or contact the support team. Hence, this was all the information on fixing error code 0xf1 on Epson Printer, hope it has been helpful to you.

Canon Printer Repair Near Me +1-805-824-0498

Canon Printer Repair Near Me

How To Find The Best Authorized Printer Repairer Service Center Near You: Canon Printers

Just like our PC’s or laptops, printers are also considered as our best friends as they let us print our best memories or important documents on paper. When it comes to choosing the best printer manufacturer brand, Canon would the first name that may come in everyone’s mind. Since Canon is one of the major tech brands that have been manufacturing various types of imaging devices in the world; this Japanese based company is hugely popular among millions of users.

If you are one of the loyal customers of Canon then you would be familiar be with the various perks of Canon devices especially printers and cameras. However, the printers have gained more attention over the years. There is a variety of printers that comes with different abilities to support printing facilities. Canon has always made sure that its users can easily manage to buy such printers according to their budget.

Let’s Know Find Authorized Canon Printer Repair Service Center Near Me:

But the most essential and unavoidable aspect of having a printer is its issues. Just because you have a great looking and uniquely multifunctional printing device, you cannot avoid the fact that it may also be prone to several defects or issues. So what to do now? How will you find the best Canon printer repair San Francisco available nearest to your place? Well, in the modern world the answer is – “the internet”. All you have to do is to search the Canon printer repair centre near me in your web browser and voila! The recovery process has begun.

However, there are some common issues that you can easily rectify on your own. Read further to know about them.

Common Issues That You Can Fix By Yourself: Canon Printers

Before you search Canon printer repair service near me on the internet, listed below are some of the most common issues that may be associated with your printer.

  • Printer Can’t Print

There are various factors that may affect your printer’s inability to print your important documents on paper. This basically happens when your printing device isn’t connected to a power source. Another reason could be that you might have given multiple print commands to the printer. Hence, it is important that you connect your printer to the active power source and delete all the extra print commands.

  • Printer Works Slowly

This issue usually occurs when you try to print heavy documents, all at once. Now you can either reduce the document size or the print resolution. This will speed up the printing process and save you toner or ink being used. Additionally, you can also try printing documents directly from the internet.

  • Paper Jams

This issue isn’t limited to Canon printers as it can be experienced on any other printers. However, you can try unplugging and then re-plugging your Canon printer to make it work with jamming the paper.

Repair of Canon Printer

Know-How To Get Help From The Printer Repairing Service Center Near Me

The aforementioned issues are the most common ones that you can experience on your Canon printer. But the important thing is how you are going to fix other significant issues that may seem alien to you. Well, here getting professional assistance becomes necessary. Hence, simply type Canon printer repair near me on Google search or any other search engine that you use. Next, you’ll need to select the best-rated option and then call on their provided number. Talk to the executive and discuss your Canon printer issue. If the issue can be resolved at your place then it is good otherwise take your printer to their service center.

Since the expert technicians work in a particular environment where they have access to all the latest types of equipment, your printer device will get full professional treatment in order to get fixed. They can correct all your types of printers (like; Pixma, Home, Inkjet, Laser). Moreover, you can also ask the Canon printer repair service center if they provide any subscriptions on their services. This will help you to get the on-time further services for your printing device.

Furthermore, you can also look or the Canon printer authorized repair center nearby you and get further assistance without being worried about anything regarding non-brand service facilities. However, there is no problem with getting your printer fixed with the third-party Canon printer repair shop near me.

Therefore, whenever you face any issue with your printer then simply type repair of Canon printer near me on the web and get further assistance.

Brother Printer Firmware Update | Macintosh | Windows

Brother Printer Firmware Update

Learn How do I Update the Firmware on my Brother Printer Mac and Windows

Printer in today’s time is a very basic property that almost every organization owns. Whether you own any small startup or work for a big MNC, printers are required everywhere. Nobody these days prefers writing. Either people share information on texts and emails or for keeping a record of any data, information or major paperwork people prefer having copies of the data. And usually, for all kinds of paperwork, the Printer is used on a daily basis. Installing a printer is just not enough. In fact, the life span of any printer is long only if it’s looked after. And that’s why printer firmware is used. Basically, Printer Firmware is a kind of any program that is installed in a printer when it’s first manufactured. A Firmware guides a printer making sure it works properly and well connected to an apple or windows device. Brother Printer Firmware Update is one such that is used for managing the performance of any printer. Hence if you also want to ensure your printer’s performance then one can easily follow steps for brother printer firmware update. But before following steps to update your printer there are few things one should know about Brothers printer firmware update.

Key Features Of Brother Printer Firmware Update:

  • If you are planning to invest in Brother’s printer then you should know they are kind of costly. But if you invest in them then they are long-lasting as well as durable.
  • Brother printers are capable of printing both wide format documents as well as small and medium businesses.
  • Brother Inkjet printers are ideal for places like schools, normal shops or companies with few employees.
  • Brother printers offer all in one service of printing, scanning, copying, faxing and that too from a single machine.
  • And Brother Printer is a perfect choice to place somewhere with limited space.

If you already own a Brother printer and want to keep it long-lasting then you should keep updating it from time to time. Before updating the printer keep in mind that once you have updated your machine you will lose some of your saved print data, call records, journals, outgoing messages and lot more. For updating your printer you can follow the below steps.

Important Points To Consider Before Updating Your Brother Printer Firmware

Listed below are the points to remember before you start updating your Brother Printer firmware:

  • The following data will be deleted after the update process is finished. This also depends on the model of your Brother machine. Like Secured Print Data, Caller ID Log, Journal Report, Outgoing Message, etc.
  • Once the Firmware Update process starts, it might take up to 15 minutes. This is the reason that you do not turn off or reboot your PC or laptop until the update process is finished.
  • If you are using your printing device via printing sharing to print your files then the firmware update will not take place. This also applies to the situation if your Brother printer is connected to a different PC or laptop.

Update the Brother Printer Firmware using Tool

Steps to Update Brother Printer:

  • First, you print a test page from the PC device to verify your machine can print.
  • Download “Firmware Update Tool” from the official website http://support.brother.com.
  • Browse to the location where the file is saved and double click.
  • Choose the device you are using be it “Macintosh” or “Windows”.

For Macintosh:

  • Click the installer package application “FirmwareUpdateTool.pkg or brmainXXXX.dmg” and click “Continue”.
  • Uncertainty prompted, choose which users to install this software for and click the “Continue” button. Now click “Install”.
  • If prompted to put your password, insert your Mac password and click “Install Software”.
  • Click the “FirmwareUpdater.jar” file.
  • Choose your preferred language and click “Continue”.
  • Choose the way your device is connected to the Internet and click “Continue”.
  • Select your device from the list and click “Next” or Continue.

For Windows:

  • Once you have applied all the common steps now see for any security window that will appear with the option to run, save or cancel and click “Run”.
  • Another security windows may appear, click “Run” or “Continue”.
  • Select the device you want to update and click “Next” or “Continue”.

The Final Step for Brother Firmware Update Tool on Mac and Windows:

  • Once done coming back to the common steps a window will appear asking about the type of information collected during firmware update. If you agree tap on “I accept” or “Yes”.
  • Now Information regarding the type of data that will be deleted once you complete your update will appear. Go through that carefully and click “Next” and “Continue”.
  • You will be again asked for a password, enter the machine’s password, and then tap “OK” to continue.
  • Hence you are done with all the steps. And now the update process will start. Have patience since it will take 15 minutes to get updated.
  • Once the firmware update process gets completed. you will receive a notification of “Successfully Completed”.
  • Now either tap on continue for updating another machine or done for finishing it.
  • If all the steps complete you will see ‘no update needed’ but if in between the process power goes off you might have to start again.

And you are done with updating your Brother’s printer firmware. Also in case if you face any query or issue then reach out to the customer support team for more help.

Why Is My Lexmark Printer Not Printing?

Lexmark Printer not Printing

Troubleshooting Lexmark Printer That Is Not Printing – Here You Can Easily Find A Solution To Your Problems

Ever since printers have been introduced in the digital market, people are fascinated with such an innovation. As there are increasing technological advancements, it has been observed that people are getting dependent on such new introductions. So, we can see a large number of changes in the demands as well as the usage techniques of users from all around the world.

Printers are such electronic machines that help the users to get hard copies of images, documents, and many other things. Earlier, they used to print in black and white but as the advances in generation and demands, people are now used to get colour printing and many other options. Also, there are many other companies of printers competing in the market like Canon, Epson, Brother, Lexmark, etc. All these printer companies have received outstanding response and feedbacks for their performances and print quality.

But, as nothing in this world works flawless and can face issues while working with it. So, if you are facing issues while working with your Lexmark printer then you shall not get puzzled. You are not alone as a Lexmark printer not printing black color correctly or not printing at all as many other users are facing the same issues but in a different way. Also, every man-made thing can face issues and also can be fixed. So, if you are here to find the resolution for Lexmark printer not printing anything then you can find your answers further in the article.

Fixing Problem with Lexmark Printers in Simple Ways!

When the Lexmark printer does not print then there can be many reasons leading to such an issue. However, some of the reasons causing such an issue are known but some are not known. But, you will be able to fix your troubleshooting Lexmark printer problems in the following methods.

1. Unplug and Plug Back Your Lexmark Printer: The steps to perform this method are mentioned below:

  • Unplug your Lexmark printer from power and disconnect it from the interface cable.
  • Open the printer and ensure that no paper is stuck in between the machine before printing. Even a small piece of paper can lead to the issue of Lexmark printer won’t print problems.
  • Plug-in the printer and leave it on for at least 30 seconds and then reconnect it with the system.
  • Now try to print by giving the print command and check if the issue is resolved or not.

In case the issue is the same, then you can choose to follow the steps mentioned further.

2. Restart Your Lexmark Printer: This can be done in the following ways:

  • Locate the power button of the Lexmark printer and power it on.
  • Press the cancel button and hold it for 3-5 seconds and release the Cancel button simultaneously.
  • With the help of releasing the cancel button, the printer will automatically restart to begin your operation.
  • When the blinking of the light stops, it indicates that it has restarted.

3. You can even go with the option to uninstall your printer and then install it again and give the print command. This will refresh the printer and the system and hence one of the best ways of troubleshooting Lexmark printer problem in a very easy way.

4. One can try to check whether the printer’s cables are working correctly or not. This can be checked by taking out and then putting it back in and seeing if your Lexmark printer responds to the active state after connecting.

So, after trying all the above steps and ways to fix the issue, if the problem remains the same then you need not bother. If you want to find out why won’t my Lexmark printer print then you are free to get in touch with customer support which is 24/7 active? The qualified and trained customer representatives will be delighted to help you and give a proper resolution to your concern.

Fix Epson Printer Error Code 0x97

Epson Printer Error Code 0x97

What Does Epson Printer Error Code 0x97 Mean

Error Code 0x97 is a kind of warning that occurs when you face any kind of internal hardware issue in your Epson printer. This error is caused due to multiple reasons such as motherboard failure or any other internal component failure. When this error happens, your printer stops printing anything that makes you stop to complete an important task. If you are getting the error code 0x97 in your Epson printer, then you can go through this article where you will be learned about the troubleshooting to fix Epson printer error code 0x97 within simple and easy mentioned steps.

How To Fix Epson Printer Error Code 0x97?

Apparently, it generally occurs on models: Epson wf-3640, wf-4630, wf-3620, wf-7620 and 7610. If you want to resolve the error code 0x97 on your Epson printer, then you can follow the below steps:

Method 1# Unplug and Plug-in:

  • First of all, you have to unplug all the connected cables on your printer.
  • Now take all printer cartridges remove from your printer.
  • Still turned off your printer from the power source by pushing down the power cables.
  • After that, plug in all the cables and then USB cables.
  • Reinstall the ink cartridges to the printer.
  • Now turn the power back on and then check if the error code still appears.
  • Check whether the blunder message remains. In the event that the error persists, proceed to the next method.

Method 2# Other Method of Unplug and Plug-in:

  • Switch off your Epson printer and then unplug it from the power source.
  • Disconnect the connected cables and USB devices.
  • Now, wait for about five minutes until the printer takes rest.
  • Push and hold the power button on your printer for fewer minutes.
  • Now you need to connect the power cord on your printer and then and release the power button.
  • After that, check whether this message still appears or not.

Method 3# Clean Clogged the Printer Nozzles:

  • Turn your printer off your printer and then unplug it from the power source along to from your Computer.
  • Now open the printer casing carefully.
  • Now take a clean paper towel and then it with any head cleaning fluid.
  • After that, make the soaked paper towel position down into the middle of the printer heads.
  • Now sit it for 12 hours and then check if the error code doesn’t reappear.

Method 4# Try Microsoft’s Printer Troubleshooter:

Microsoft proffers plenty of troubleshooting tools for printers and you can use any one as per your printer and issue facing with the printer. You can download it from the official website of Microsoft as per your printer model and computer’s OS. After that, run it on your computer to fix the multiple issues including the Epson printer error code 0x97 error in a very effective way.

Method 5# Turn On and Off Your Printer

Sometimes turning a printer on and off may fix several technical issues including the error code 0x97. You can perform this process in below manner:

  • First of all, unplug all the cables and USB accessories from your printer.
  • Now press and hold the power button from your printer for about 60 seconds. It will allow taking reset your printer.
  • Now plug back all the accessories.
  • After that, again press and hold the power button for 60 seconds and then run a test print.

Method 6# Disconnect and Reconnect the Printer:

  • Check for any paper jam if available and then wipe it out.
  • Unplug all the cables and USB connection to your printer.
  • Press and hold the power button for about fewer seconds and then release it.
  • Now wait for about 1 minute and then plug the accessories back to your printer.
  • Now turn on your printer and then take a run test.

By following the above-described methods, Epson printer error code 0x97 can be fixed in a very simple manner. If you need any assistance, then contact the customer service team and they will provide you the best possible solutions to fix all sorts of issues related to the Epson Printer.