Why does it Say my Printer is not Connected Mac?

How to Fix Printer Connection Issue on Mac

If you are facing trouble in printing documents from your Mac computer using a printer, your problem may be somewhere between the two ends of the printing process, from your system set up to your connection and on to the copier or printer itself. If you are getting an error message saying the printer is not connected mac, you are required to contact the support team to get an immediate resolution.

How to fix the printer connection issues with your Mac computer?

Printers work great with the Mac computers once successfully installed. But if you get a message like “the printer is not connected”, then the issue is serious and you need to fix it to start printing again.

1. On or Off

In case you have a connection problem with the printer, check whether the printer is in “On” mode or “Off” mode. If the printer is “On” and you are facing a problem, then the problem might be with other things like connecting cable, toner compatibility, out of paper, or paper jam etc.

2. Connections

Check the connecting cables between the printer and your mac to make sure everything is connected properly. If there is a cable problem, replace the cable with a new one and try printing. But in case of printer again says the printer is not connected then the problem is with another part. Contact the support team to fix the issue instantly.

3. Drivers

A recent OS update or software update might result in connection issues in printers. Updating a printer driver might give compatibility issues and hence the connection issue. Thus if you have updated your Mac OS or the printer driver, then try uninstalling the updates.

Printer drivers and software control prints, and an error in either can cause distorted output. Installing drivers for the wrong printer model or for the incorrect version of the operating system may also cause this problem. Visit the printer manufacturer’s website and download the latest version for your printer model. If you already have the latest version installed, try reinstalling it anyway as it will replace any corrupted files.

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  1. My Canon 3600 printer had a paper jam which I corrected but now it will not print and I am receiving a message that “the printer is not connected to the Mac.

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