Where to Find WPS Pin on HP Printer

Are you thinking to print or scan any document wirelessly from your HP printer? Then you should need to have Wireless network name and password to connect your HP printer to a Wireless network. Is this password also called as a WPS pin? Probably most of the users find WPS pin on their printer even it is not provided by the printer. The WPS pin is generally provided by your Internet Service Providers that make a connection between a printer and Wireless network.

Where to Find the WPS Pin on Your HP Printer? Step by Step Methods

The process of finding a WPS pin is not a big deal. But if you have an improper knowledge, then you can face some problems regarding that.

Solution# 1

  • A WPS can be obtained from a computer that is connected to the Wireless network.
  • Search the View Network Connections on your computer and then click on it.
  • When the Network Connection window will open, then right-click on Network name and then choose Status.
  • Now Wireless Network Connection status screen will open and then choose Wireless Properties.
  • Click on Security tab and then choose Show Character option to view the password for the selected Wireless network.

Solution# 2

  • On printer control panel’s screen, scroll down to open the Dashboard and then tap on Wireless icon.
  • Tap on Setup.
  • Now tap Wireless Setting and then choose Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Now you can see a list of all the available networks and then choose your Wireless network.
  • Tap on the OK after selecting the network.
  • After that, you can easily see the WPA or password for a particular wireless network that you want to connect to your printer.

With the help of above-described steps, you can without much of stretch find the WPA pin and connect your HP printer to a wireless network.

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    1. How to Find WPS Pin for HP Printer? Here Solution

      WPS pin or Wi-Fi Protect Setup is one of the secure methods to connect your printer to a network. If you have an HP printer and trying to connect on a WPS enabled router, then you should need to enter the WPS pin to connect. But only fewer users know about this feature and they often face problems to find this pin on their HP printer. If you are one among those who don’t know about the process of finding WPS pin on hp printer, then apply the mentioned steps.

      Here are the steps to find WPS pin on HP printer:

      1. First of all, turn on the router and see the activity link for blinking.
      2. Now turn ON your HP printer and then enable the Wi-Fi feature.
      3. Go to the control panel and then tap on Wireless Settings.
      4. Choose the WPS option from the menu where you may find the WPS pin.
      5. Now tap on Pin Setup and then select your network from the list of the network.
      6. After that, enter the password into the given box and then wait for fewer seconds until the authentication process completes.
      7. Tap on the OK tab to complete the process.

      These are some steps on how to find the WPS pin for HP printer that will really help to find the WPS pin. If you are confronting any problem during or after the process, then contact with the HP support team for a better assistance.

  1. The information didn’t come with my printer. I have a HP deskjet 2600 series and I need my wps pin I order to be able to use. I tried to get information from the internet but I haven’t had any luck.Thanks

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