HP Printer does not Take Paper

Quick and easy way to resolve HP Printer not taking paper

HP Printer is one of the major names in the printer making business. It is one of the world largest printers making company in the world. Almost every printer user recognises a fact that HP printers have excellent quality of hardware and software. Their product has much longevity and much strength compared to the others printer in the world. But user don’t most information to issue like installing and configuring of the printer. Sometimes user do faces problem while working on the printer, one of the common problem user face is HP printer not taking paper. One can take the assistance of technical support or follow these simple procedure to fix the problem :-

  • First of all, one need to remove the stack of paper from paper tray.
  • Then form a stack then tap the stack of paper to form a flat surface to align the edges.
  • Now slide the paper width guide to the edge of the paper stack. Then try printing it if the issue persist then one has to click on the continue button.
  • Further press the power button then turn off the printer.
  • Now open the printer access door gently to pick rollers.
  • Again one has to depending upon the model, whether it’s rear access door or duplex.
  • In case of duplexer, clear the rollers on the duplexer and further close the access door and again replace the paper tray and further reconnect the power cord to the rear of the printer.
  • Now press the power button and turn on the Printer and then reconnect with the power cord of the rear printer.
  • Again press the power button to turn on the printer and in case, if it did not power on itself or make a noise after it turned on.
  • Then one has to wait for the noise to stop before continuing.
  • If the other steps in this document fail to resolve the issue hp printer does not take paper, one has to reset the printer.

One can contact the HP customer care in case if it does not resolve the issue on immediate time. Their customer care representative’s team will make sure that whatever be the problem including my hp printer is not taking paper. Their customer care representative will give you a proper guidance and assurance to resolve on immediate priority. They have a wide range of experience with access to tons of experience to fix the issue on immediate basis.

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      Hp printers are famous all over the world for the amazing printing quality as well as the reliability and hence the users of this printers are quite big in number. Now just in case you are a person who is the regular user of this printer but all of a sudden you start facing the issue that the paper is jammed and now it is not moving or some other issue related to the printing. Then in these cases, the users need not have to take any tension instead of that the users have to take certain actions by which they can solve the issue.

      The Issue of HP Printer not Taking Paper can Easily be Solved by the Ways Written Below:-

      1. The first thing that you have to do to resolve this issue is to look for the main reason behind the issue such as the paper may be dirty or it may be not the right form of the paper your printer needs.
      2. One more reason could be that the worn paper is being used or the roller that is basically used to feed the paper may be worn down.
      3. Once you are aware of the reasons then the fixes are very easy like you can simply try to clean the printer on to the periodic basis or you can check the quality of the paper and hence can use the right paper for your printer.
      4. In order to remove the paper jam, you can simply remove all the paper by pulling the paper in the direction of the paper path and then can again put some paper for printing.

      So these are a few things that the users have to be careful about while using the hp printers.

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