HP Printer Not Responding Windows 10

HP Printer Not Responding – Three Ways to Solve

If your HP printer is not printing anything, please go through the information provided on our page. We have discussed three immensely powerful ways to help you in tackling the concerned problem – HP printer not responding. All three methods are presented after being simplified. Hopefully, you won’t face any problem in executing these simple steps.

Complete Printer’s Power Cycle

Power cycles are considered as one of the finest ways to deal with an HP printer if it is not printing anything in Windows computer. To move with a complete power-cycle, you need to make sure that the printer is sitting in its idle mode. We now request you to plug off the power cable and main outlet from the printer. Please repeat the process in the reverse direction. Turn on the power button on the printer. Most probably, you have solved your problem if HP printer not responding Windows 10. You can make a test printing to check the result of power-cycle.

Install the Printer Driver in Compatibility Mode

  • Download Windows 10 CU matched printer driver package file
  • Save it to your desktop or download folder
  • Right-click on the [Downloaded File] and select [Properties]
  • Navigate the [Compatibility] section
  • Check the box [Run this program in compatibility mode for] and select [Windows 10/8.1/7]
  • Then hit the checkbox [Run this program as an administrator]
  • Click Apply to save the changes
  • The printer driver will initiate installation after your double-click the file

Check if your printer is installed

Has Windows 10 detected your printer? If yes, check it is connected to your PC and switched on. In case you have a negative answer, you are suggested to check whether your printer is installed or not. To tackle the issue HP printer not responding Windows 10, make a click on [Start] and navigate [Settings]. The [Settings] window will allow you to click and open the [Devices] option. Hence, you will be able to select [Printers & scanners]. If it is not installed, you will see your printer listed in the main window. Here your job is to click on the [Add a Printer or Scanner] option. Windows 10 will try to detect the printer once you clicked that option.

2 thoughts on “HP Printer Not Responding Windows 10”

    1. Steps to fix HP Printer not responding with Windows 10

      Hp printer works fine with Windows 10 but sometimes when you updated the Windows, the printer stops responding. It happens often so you can fix this issue with simple troubleshooting methods listed below-

      Here, are 2 methods to fix the error when Hp printer not responding windows 10:

      Method 1. First, you have to make sure that Hp printer is listed:

      1. Go to the start menu, then select the “settings”.
      2. Then open the device option, and select “printer & scanner”.
      3. You will get a list of various printers installed on your device.
      4. Check if Hp printer is present on the list if the printer is not on this list then select the “Add a printer or scanner”.
      5. After that step, your device will automatically detect your printer.

      Method 2. Restore Windows 10 System:

      1. To restore Windows 10 system, you need to open the settings by tap the + l keys together.
      2. Then go to the “update & security” and select “recovery”.
      3. Touch on the “advanced startup”.
      4. Then you need to touch the “restart now” and then “troubleshoot”.
      5. Select the “go back” to the previous section.
      6. Then follow the instruction you will see on the screen and complete the process.

      If you still can’t fix the issue by the steps you’ve given above, then you can contact the support team via phone call and get an assistance immediately.

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