HP Printer Not Printing After Refill

HP printers are very much popular among people from all the field like students, professionals and businessmen etc. The picture quality of HP printer is very good and different types of printers are available for different types of jobs to be done. It happens that sometimes printer doesn’t print properly. It may be due to many reasons related to connection, driver updates or may be the the level of ink is not sufficient. Also, it might happens that hp printer not printing properly after refill of the cartridges. The cartridge of hp printer last longer but at the same time it is also recommended that user should not keep that unused for a longer time otherwise the ink get dried and results in bad printing. Refill of the cartridges is easy in HP printers but may be due to little negligence, the cartridges is not properly fixed and thus may result in bad printing. This article discuss this issue with a solution.

If you find that the printer is not printing properly after refill, there can be few reasons. Person should keep in mind.

  • Use the original cartridges. The printer may not support non HP ink or toner. If user doesn’t find that in market, he can purchase it online from HP store providing the model number.
  • Remove the protective tape very carefully but do not remove any other label as they helps not making the ink dry.
  • After refill, make the printer reset. Turn the power OFF and wait for 1 minute and then turn it ON again.
  • Also, user should not put the cartridges out of the printer for ore than 30 minutes as it may damage that.
  • Try to clean the cartridges with clean distilled water. User should not use the tap water. Use clean linen cloth and soft cotton to clean.
  • Clean the print head with soft linen cloth.
  • Place all the parts carefully back.

If still hp printer not printing after refill then user should immediately call at the HP support number. Either the expert executive will guide the user or the executive may come at the door step to check and repair the printer.

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    1. Resolve the issue of HP Printer not printing after refill!

      If you have HP printer and you get the issue of HP printer not printing properly after refill, there could be numerous issues due to which your printer is not printing. You can resolve it in the following ways:

      1. Reinstall the print driver: Reinstallation might resolve the issue. Reinstall the print driver and check if reinstallation resolves the issue.
      2. Use genuine HP ink cartridge: A genuine HP cartridge ensures better print quality.
      3. Through following steps you can check whether ink smears on the back of printout:

      a. Ensure that plain white paper has been loaded in the printer.
      b. You are required to swipe the display to the left on the Printer Control Panel.
      c. Now, touch the Setup icon.
      d. Touch Tools.
      e. In the Tools section, you need to swipe up on the display.
      f. Now, you are required to touch Clean Page Smears.
      g. A blank page is fed into the printer slowly.
      h. Wait until the printer ejects the blank page.

      4. Examine the color blocks for defects:

      a. If white lines are not displayed in the color blocks and are not faded or missing, then you need not check for alignment lines.
      b. If white lines are displayed by any of the color boxes, you can continue to the next step and clean the ink cartridge accordingly:
      c. Ensure that the input tray is loaded with plain white paper.
      d. Now, swipe the display to the left on the Control Panel.
      e. Then, touch Setup icon.
      f. Touch Tools and then in the Tools section, you need to touch Clean Cartridges.

      5. On the Print Quality Diagnostic Report:

      a. Click No, if the print quality is acceptable so that troubleshooting is stopped.
      b. Click Yes, if the print quality is unacceptable if it is prompted to perform the next level of cleaning.

      With the above steps, resolve the issue accordingly.

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