HP Printer Not Printing in Colour

Hewlett Packard has made its name in the past few years with the series of products it offers. This company has world class products related to IT hardware be it computers, laptops or printers etc. The printers are used to print of the documents, pictures etc. HP printers are very user friendly and easy to operate. It makes your job very simple and convenient. A printer is a gadget used to take hard copy print of the sheets, images and documents. Before taking out print of any activity it is essential to printer on your device. The printer can be configured very easily by running the drivers on the computer or any device you want to connect.

HP Printer not Printing in Colour Windows 10

There can be many reasons as to why your HP printer is not printing in colour on your windows 10.

Drivers missing – There is likelihood that the drivers of the printer are not installed or not updated properly also it is possible that the OS is not up to date.

Printer setting  There are chances that the default setting to take the prints is set to black and white.

Cartridge Misaligned – It is important to align the ink cartridge to take proper prints.

Cartridge head blocked – There are chances that the ink has coagulated in the cartridge head.

There can be problem with the hardware of the printer due to which hp printer not printing in colour windows 10.

Also in case of any query you can choose to contact HP support to download software or troubleshoot your problem. You can refer your problem on the forum or search for specific products on contact us page and get the required assistance. You can also contact the support team on HP toll free number.

2 thoughts on “HP Printer Not Printing in Colour Windows 10”

    1. How to Resolve the Issue of HP printer not printing color Windows 10

      Whereas HP printer is known for its best in class printing features among the users and there are some other users available who confront lots of technical issues when using the HP printer and not printing is one among those. sometimes many conditions come when you try to print a color document in your Windows 10 computer but suddenly it doesn’t print in color and print a blank document. There are various reasons behind the HP printer not printing color that can very smoothly fix after applying some easy and simple methods.

      Method #1.

      Enable color option in Windows 10 computer:

      1. Click on Start menu and then open the Printers & Scanners option.
      2. Now a list of printers will be displayed and then click on your HP printer.
      3. Now right click on your printer.
      4. After that, click on the Properties section and then choose the Printing Preferences.
      5. Now enable the color option for HP printer in your Windows 10 computer.

      Method #2.

      Check the Ink Cartridge:

      1. Turn your printer off and then open the front cover to remove the ink cartridge.
      2. Check that each cartridge is full with the ink and if anyone is empty, and then fill it out with the ink.
      3. Now place the ink cartridge back into the original position and then take a print test to check.

      With these above-mentioned steps, HP printer not printing color problem can very easily fix in a very simple manner. If you are not able to fix this problem, then contact with HP printer support team for better assistance.

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