HP Printer Not Printing from Computer

Get an emphatic way to fix HP Printer not printing on Laptop and Computer Issue

HP likewise propelled different Printers for example Wired, Wireless and significantly more. The vast majority of the users have given great feedback, however, some of them additionally faces an issue for example, HP Printer not printing from Computer. The issue isn’t just from the Printer, there are numerous foundations for the same and the answer to resolving such issue is recorded underneath.

If, in the event that you are interfacing such issue, at that point you should perform a couple of operations for example, Power cycle the Network, Verify IP Address, Configure Wireless Network appropriately. In this way move further and get the nitty-gritty technique recorded underneath.

Advanced Way to fix Hp Printer issue on Computer

Power cycle a Network :-

  • In this process, you have to remove all peripherals connected to the router.
  • Also, ensure to turn off the computer and Printer.
  • Keep the entire devices ideal for a minute, such as a Router, Printer, and Laptop.
  • Now, connect your Router with the power cable and put it ON. Also turn ON the PC.
  • Thereafter, connect your computer to the Network and then do the same with the Printer.
  • This method will resolve your issue, if still persist an issue, then go for another method and the same is mentioned below.

Verify IP Address :-

  • Ensure, your gadget is associated with a similar network and to confirm the same, tap on the Wireless button on the Printer and the display will show the IP Address, note down the same.
  • Now, check the IP address of your Laptop and for the same, tap on the Start Menu and type cmd in the pursuit bar, right click on it and click run as administrator. Thereafter, type ipconfig in the cmd box and hit Enter.
  • Note down the IP address of your PC and match with the Printer IP Address. If the points of interest coordinate, then associate the devices again. But, if not matches then configure the Wireless setting of your Router once again.

However, if you are accessing the PC and getting an issue HP Printer not working and connecting to computer, then take after the above advances and furthermore go for the other arrangement for example, update drivers and for the same, click Start Menu and type Device Manager in the search bar, move to the Printer segment, right tap on it and select Update driver.

Make sure that the Printer (wired) is appropriately associated with the USB port. Check the USB and endeavour to embed the link to the Printer in another port.

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    1. Know How to Fix HP Printer Not Printing from Computer

      HP Printer is a widely used and easily accessible printing device that facilitates wireless as well as wired services. Printer not printing is a common issue that is faced by a number of users. If you are one among the users who facing such issues then you need not worry about. By restarting your printer and printing a Wireless Network Test Report from the printer control panel, you can cure the problem.

      How to resolve the HP Printer issue:

      In case, your HP Printer not printing from the computer you can opt the basic troubleshooting procedures to resolve the problem. The problem can be resolved by updating and reinstalling the printer driver. Using a Driver Easy deals the drive issues efficiently as it automatically recognizes the system and finds the correct drivers for it. The user does not need to know what system the computer is running. The driver can be downloaded or installed using Free or pro version of Driver Easy.

      In order to update and reinstall your printer driver, you can follow the enlisted steps:

      1. Download the Driver Easy and follow the on-screen instruction to proceed.
      2. Run the Driver Easy and then tap the Scan Now button.
      3. Doing so will let the Driver Easy to scan the computer and detect any problem drivers.
      4. After that click on the Update button that is given next to your HP printer to download the latest and correct driver for this device.
      5. From there, you can also click on the Update All button that is given at the bottom right, in order to automatically update all outdated or missing drivers on your computer.
      6. This function requires the Pro version of the Driver and you will be prompted to upgrade after tapping the Update All option.

      After going through the above-mentioned steps, you can resolve the issues related to your HP printer.

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