HP Printer Not Detected

If Hp printer seems like not detecting windows 10 only then there might be some problem in configuration. In case you are not able to resolve such kind of problem then there are some published steps that could be adopted and apply to see the changes. The problem of not detecting is quite often and there is nothing big in resolving it.

Steps to be checked out in order to resolve the HP printer connection problems with windows 10:

  • First, you have to switch off the power connections of all and disconnected all cable connections.
  • Start connecting all the cables one by one again and when it all set then switch on your power button.
  • Please make sure the connecting software of HP printer and in Windows 10 is up-to-date.
  • In case the problem sustains then open the control panel in your computer.
  • Go to the printer icon and then put right click on the that and click on Troubleshoot option.
  • Cross check your HP printer whether it is installed or not.
  • Open the printer control system and make some modifications over there.
  • Allow Windows 10 to check the older version of the printer.
  • If all the options seem to be failed then you can also install the printer manually.

Most of the cases are resolved by applying the above instructions. But there is some major issue that could sustain because of some errors. Normally a human can check and modify the user interface only not internal settings. Therefore in lack of knowledge hp printer not detected sometimes. The company also provides help through the helplines which you can use in case the issues are not getting resolved.

HP Printer Not Detected Windows 10

HP created as an outstanding and pioneer brand for almost all its devices like laptop, desktop or printer. It has influenced a unique name for its things in International to showcase. By and by HP is overpowering distinctive brands in Printers areas. But despite its amazing features and extraordinary support, many users find that they have difficulty in smoothly using their Hp printer in their windows 10 laptop. This is a serious concern because due to this they not even able to complete their work or assignment on time. So if you are a victim of an issue like HP printer not detected. Then for you, we are here giving a complete tutorial so that you can debug the problem by your own.

Following are the steps to correct hp printer not detected windows 10;

  • Search and open Programs and Features in your windows
  • Now select your HP printer.
  • At this point select Uninstall.
  • Now again go to Windows, search for and open “Devices and Printers“.
  • As the Devices and Printers window look for your HP Printer. If you find it in the list, just right-click on it and choose “Delete” or “Remove Device“.
  • Now open up the run command with the help of “Windows Key + R” key combo.
  • Now you have to Type printui.exe /s and click OK to pursue further.
  • Next Click on Drivers tab.
  • Here find the HP Printer driver. If in case you got it to click on it and click remove at the bottom.
  • Select OK.
  • Click Apply and OK on the Print Server Properties windows.
  • Now Close Devices and Printer.
  • Now at this point, you can download and install the drivers.
  • In the event that the printer still does not print at that point lets install the inbuilt printer drivers from the Windows working framework itself.

While continuing in the event that you get any mistake you can specifically associate with the support team to investigate your issues. Here help team are profoundly qualified and affirmed for settling your specialised glitches. The user can likewise contact to hp printer professional to get and benefit the instant support. They will help in settling the issues at the earliest opportunity through online remote help.

2 thoughts on “HP Printer Not Detected Windows 10”

    1. What you should do to solve the Error of HP printer not detected Windows 10!

      If you have updated Windows 10 and when you connect HP printer to the device and getting the issue of HP printer not detected Windows 10, then to resolve the issue, you can go through following procedure:

      1. The first and foremost step is to restart Windows at least once.
      2. You can Restart the Windows by clicking on the lower left Start button.
      3. Click on the Power button.
      4. Click on Restart.
      5. If it prompts up that the printer is compatible with Windows 10, you can download and run the Microsoft Windows Troubleshooters.
      6. If the issue still continues, you can reinstall the latest HP printing software.

      Other solutions are as given below:

      1. The first and foremost step that you can use is to scan for problematic printer drivers.
      2. You can also update printer drivers for Windows 10 creator update.
      3. You can install the printer driver in compatibility mode:
      4. Right click on the printer driver.
      5. Select Properties.
      6. Check the box before Run this program in compatibility mode that you can find Under the Compatibility tab.
      7. Select Windows.
      8. You are required to tick the checkbox before Run this program as an administrator.
      9. Install the printer driver by double-clicking the file.

      If still getting the issue hp printer not detected Windows 10:

      1. You can restore the system and resolve printer not working after Windows 10 creator update:
      2. You are required to open Settings by clicking on Win +I.
      3. Go to update and security.
      4. Click on Recovery.
      5. In the following step, you are required to click on Advanced startup.
      6. Click on Restart Now.
      7. Click on Troubleshoot.

      Try the above step to troubleshoot the issue of hp printer not detected Windows 10.

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