HP Printer not Connecting to WiFi Network

HP printers are renowned name in the world of printers. HP printer come in variants like for home, office and HP has also launched the wireless printers that connects to a wireless connection and allows the devices connected to that network to use the printer.

But, if you are facing the issue with HP printer not connecting to WiFi, you can follow the below mentioned steps to connect your printer to the wireless connection :

Step 1: Restart the Printer, Computer and Router :

This is the first and foremost troubleshooting step that is needed to be taken to reset any mishappening that occurs in your device connection. All you need to do is

For printer: Turn off the printer and then unplug any USB or Ethernet cables because when an Ethernet is connected to the printer, the printer cannot connect wireless.

For router: Turn off the router power button.

For computer: Close all the applications running on your computer then shut down the computer.

Step 2: Run the HP print and scan doctor :

To diagnose and resolve printing and scanning problem, HP renders free tool called HP Print and Scan doctor. You can download the tool from official website of HP:

1.  Open the website.

2.  Download HP Print and Scan Doctor tool.

3.  Once downloaded, click open the tool and wait for the tool to locate your printer.

4.  Click Start.

5.  If the screen does not show your printer, then, make sure the printer is turned on and connected, click on “My product is not listed”, and then click “Retry“.

6.  Select your printer and then, click “Next“.

7.  If you notice the connection issue, click on the method being used to connect the printer follow the instructions and then click Retry.

8.  Click Fix printing.

9.  Evaluate the test results:

  • White check-marks  signify the printers passed the tests. Click Test Print or click Skip.
  • A white wrench, signifies Print and Scan doctor found an issue and fixed it. Click Skip or click Test Print.
  • Yellow Exclamation Point, signifies the test failed and required user action. But the step was skipped. You need to click on Test Print or click Skip.
  • A red cross sign, signifies that you need to follow the on-screen instructions to resolve the issue. If still, there exists the problem of wireless connection, then follow the next step.

Step 3: Turn off additional routers :

By turning off additional routers, you can minimise the network interference. If the problem is still there, continue to Next step.

Step 4: Move the router and printer closer together :

The signal might be too weak for a fair connectivity if there are hindrances such as metal objects, bookshelves, wall between printer and router, keep the router and printer in such a position that they have clear line of sight for each other. Try the above troubleshooting methods to connect your HP printer to WiFi.

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