HP Printer Black Ink not Working

What to do When HP printer black-ink not working properly

HP is the renowned brand name in the world of electronics industry and is the colossus in the development, manufacturing and selling of laptops, printers, data storage devices and providing pre-sales to post-sales customer service.

HP printers are popular products and are available based upon the user needs, if you need to get the work done at home, you can opt for home printers, and if you are the owner of a business and need to do plethora of tasks and behemoth of work, then, go for business printers.

However, there may be kind of minor technical issues when you use a technical product. Suppose, you are facing the issue of hp printer black ink not working properly, then, you can troubleshoot it and to troubleshoot the issue, go through following steps:

  • Check that if your HP printer has been laced with genuine HP ink or toner supplies.
  • If cartridges other than HP are being used, then, this may pose the issue.
  • You can check the compatibility of ink or toner cartridge or purchase replacement cartridges and other supplies by:
  • Go to HP suresupply by typing HP suresupply on your browser and clicking on the search result displaying HP suresupply option.
  • If prompted, then, select the country-region.
  • Go through the on-screen instructions. You can order new supplies or can check cartridge compatibility with the printer.
  • You need to allow the printer to rest because many print quality problems that arise such as poor black text or issues with a newly installed cartridges, clear up with printer’s automatic servicing routine. The automatic routine will resolve the issue of print quality in a few hours.
  • If you are unable to wait for automatic service to complete, then, try following troubleshoot methods:
  • Cleaning the cartridges might be helpful.
  • You need to pay attention that cleaning the printhead uses more ink than the automatic printer servicing. If it does not help, then, try the next steps:
  • In input tray, load A4 size paper.
  • Check the control panel of printer. Make a swipe on the display to the left.
  • After swiping the display to the left, touch Setup.
  • The Setup menu displays.
  • Swipe the display up.
  • When you swipe the display up, the screen prompts the option “Printer Maintenance”. Tap on Printer Maintenance.
  • Touch Clean Cartridges. A Print Quality Diagnostic report prints.
  • Inspect the Print Quality Diagnostic report.
  • If the print quality is poor, tap Proceed to continue to next step. Keep on repeating these steps for the third cleaning stage, if required.
  • Check whether the print quality can be accepted, tap Done when prompted, it will let you to continue to the next level of cleaning.
  • You not need to continue for troubleshooting.
  • Inspect the print quality on the Print Diagnostic report.

The above troubleshooting steps will let your HP printer go from hp printer black ink not working properly to working properly mode.

2 thoughts on “HP Printer Black Ink not Working Properly”

  1. Why is the black ink not working properly on my hp printer? Can you tell why this is not working and how to correct it…

    1. Know how to fix HP printer black ink not working issue

      Looking out some steps to fix HP printer black ink not working? Then you should follow this post without wasting your time. As here you would get a complete solution for your query.

      HP printer black ink not working issue and solution to fix it:

      1. Sometimes accumulation of small particles and dust can jam the paper and this will create an issue in printing.
      2. Also, empty cartridge or insufficient ink in the cartridge can be a reason for not printing black color on your HP printer.
      3. In addition, when a user fills more than the adequate ink in the cartridge can overflow, in this way, ink gets mixed and HP printer black ink not working issue appears.
      4. Moreover, if you don’t use your HP printer for a long time, then, the cartridge becomes dry and this may also be a reason for not printing black color properly.

      So you need to check all the above-mentioned faults and resolve the issue on your own and get rid of the issue of HP printer black ink not working. Besides, you can follow the given steps to rectify the issue.

      1. You would need to set up the HP printer as default as sometimes it has been observed that the default printer gets changed and you have to face HP printer not working issue.
      2. In addition, the user should check the faulty printer driver also this may trouble in printing. Hence with a regular updating of your printer driver can help you to avoid the printer not working issue.
      3. If you’re working on multiple printing commands and detect the error; cancel all the print commands and start a new command to print the file.

      In this way, you will be able to get rid of the issue of HP printer black ink not working properly.

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