How to Put Ink in HP Printer?

Instant Information to Know How can the users Put Ink Cartridges in an HP Printer

Imagine a scenario where you go to print something and it prints only blank pages? Then it means your printer is out of the ink and you should really need to put the ink cartridges or fill the ink into the empty cartridges.

Being an HP printer user you should always care various things used in a printer and ink cartridge is one among those because without an ink you can’t print anything with your printer. The process of putting ink into the empty ink cartridge is not a big deal. But can be a little bit complex if you are putting the ink into your cartridge. If you don’t know how to put ink in HP printer, then read this article very carefully and learn about the step by steps procedure of putting ink in an HP printer very smoothly.

What to do before replacing the Ink Cartridge?

  • First of all, open the front door of your printer and then open the ink filling point of the cartridge.
  • Now remove the ink cartridge from your printer and then hold it by its side.
  • Insert the cartridges from its face side in the direction of your printer.
  • Now put the new ink cartridge into the cartridge slot and close the front door of your printer.

Load Paper

Before replacing the ink cartridge and starting the alignment process, ensure that paper is load into the printer. For this follow the below steps to load paper:

  • Lift the paper tray and then lower the output tray to pull the tray extender out from the printer.
  • Now slide the paper width guide to its required position and the load the paper in the paper tray.
  • Slide the paper width guide to the right side until it would be reset at paper’s edge.

Replace the Ink Cartridge

You should need to replace the one or both ink cartridge from your printer. You can smoothly replace the ink cartridges from the printer with the help of below instructions:

  • Turn on the printer if it is turned off.
  • Now open the ink cartridge access door in your printer and then wait for fewer seconds while the cartridge moves to the center of the printer.
  • Press the ink cartridge lightly that you want to replace and then release it. And then pull out the ink cartridge out from the printer.
  • Now remove the ink cartridge from the packing and then also remove the plastic protective tape from the fresh and new ink cartridge.
  • Put the new cartridge into its slot until it fits properly into the required place.
  • Now close the ink cartridge door.

Now take a print test by printing a blank paper. With the help of above-mentioned steps, you can very easily resolve the printing related problems such as how to put ink in a hp printer that you faced in an HP printer

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