How to Print from iPhone to HP Printer


A document from an iPhone can be printed using an HP printer simply by connecting the iPhone and the printer with a wifi connection. It can also be carried out by installing a printing to your iPhone which is supported by it. You can set up the system by following the guidelines given in the HP manual book. The manual book covers various sections of queries like how do I get my HP printer to print from my iPhone and how to connect my iPhone to Hp wireless printer.

Printing with an AirPrint

1. To print any document from iPhone to HP printer, you need to be sure that the printer and the phone are connected to same WiFi network.

The printer connected through the wifi network need to be set before you can print wirelessly. The process of set up will vary depending on the model and configuration of the printer used. In order to take help during set up, you can see the how to print from iPhone to Hp printer section of your printer’s manual book.

2. Now open the iPhone application that supports AirPrint. Apple allows the facility to most of its applications to fit in this category including Mail, Safari, and iPhoto. Emails, documents, and pictures can be easily printed using an AirPrint.

To print an item, first of all, you need to open it

3. Click on the SHARE button to share the item with the hp printer. It is indicated as a box having an upward facing arrow given in the corner of your phone’s screen.

4. In case of printing an email, the procedure is little bit change, you need to click on the backward facing button at the bottom of the screen.

5. Now click on the PRINT button in order to give the print command to the printer connected to your phone (it is given in the bottom row of the SHARE button pop up menu).

6. You need to swipe left over the row depending upon the number of items you need to print.

7. Click on SELECT PRINTER, given on the top of the screen. This will cause your phone to scan the document for the printer on your wireless network, as long as you are connected to the Airprint and its name should appear in the menu.

8. Here you are provided the option to select the number of copies or increase or decrease it as many you want to print.

9. Tap your printer name to proceed, which will appear on the screen after a few moments.

10. Now click on the PRINT option. It will prompt your selected items to begin printing from the connected printer.

Using a Printing App

You can also print any item from your iPhone using a printing application. For this, you should have a printing application installed on your iPhone.

  • Open the item that you want to print.
  • Click on the SHARE button.
  • Open the desired application. Doing so will enable it for use with your current application.
  • You can also open your document directly from your application through which you want to print.
  • Click on DONE button to proceed the process.
  • Now you need to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process which depend on the particular application used for printing.

In this way, you can print the desired number of copies of your document using the printing application.

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