How to Print from iPhone to Brother Printer

Here is Everything to Learn How do I Connect and Print from my iPhone to my Brother Printer

Have you brought a new iPhone or Brother printer? Or you want to know how to connect both of them to print your stuff? Are you still facing the question that “How do I print from iPhone to Brother printer?” Well, you are in the right place, this article will guide you on how to connect your both devices and use them to print items.

How to Connect iPhone to Brother Printer

Before you start using your Brother printer to print stuff via your iPhone, you’ll need to connect both of them. Follow the steps given below to understand the process. Make sure that your iPhone is connected to the WiFi.

Connect Your Brother Printer With The WiFi Router

  • Turn on your Brother device and press the Menu button on the top.
  • Use the UP or Down keys to select “Setup Wizard” and press “OK”.
  • Press 1 to select “Switch Network interface to wireless?” to initialize wireless setup wizard.
  • Now the device will show you all the WiFi connections available near you. You’ll need to select your own WiFi name and enter the password to connect your printing device with the router.
  • Press 1 key to apply your changes.
  • Once the printing device is successfully connected with the WiFi, it will print a confirmation WLAN report and will a message will be displayed.
  • Press Ok to finish the process.

Note: Your iPhone and Brother printer must be connected to the same WiFi network.

How do I Print From iPhone to Brother Printer

Now that you have connected your Brother printer with your WiFi, you can simply use it to make prints by using your iPhone. There are different ways to do this, read the article further to know.

Using AirPrint (iOS) to Print

AirPrint is an Apple application that uses wireless LAN network for printing. It is the most widely used printing app that makes printing easier for apple users. Follow the steps given below to use this app for printing.

Steps for Printing Items via AirPrint

  • You’ll need to ensure that your printer is working fine.
  • Select the item in your iPhone that you want to print.
  • Now, tap on the “Share” icon and then “Print” option.
  • Now you will see all the available printer options near you.
  • Tap on the “Select Printer” to select your printing device.
  • You will see the following print settings in your app. You can modify these settings according to your requirements.
  1. Paper Settings: You can change the size of the paper on the printer and the app will automatically detect the size of the paper placed into your printer. If there will be any size difference between your assigned paper size and the size of the paper in your printer, an option will prompt on your iPhone that will ask you to confirm the size of the paper.
  2. Number of Copies to be Print: You can select the number of copies to be printed for the item you want to print.
  3. Black & White: If you want the color of your final print in grayscale, you can select this option.
  4. Double-sided Printing: If you want to print on both sides of the paper, you can simply choose this option. However, this option is applicable to selected file types.
  5. Page Range: You can select the specific part of a document and webpage to make prints.

Using Printer Pro (iOS) to Print

Printer Pro is another best apple application that can be used for printing via your iPhone. Its user interface is as simple as the AirPrint app and all the print settings are the same. If you want to use Printer Pro as your first choice for printing your items, you can follow all the steps mentioned above to print.

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