How to Print from Android Phone to HP Printer

How do I connect and print from my Android Smartphones to my HP wireless printer?

Android can be said that just like Apple Inc, it is also an operating device. Android is the operating device that is developed by Google. It was also noticed that these android devices replaced the personal desktop computers to the large extent. People nearly forgot to use the desktop computers. HP has now developed the printers and its technology for making the lives of people easy. From black and white to coloured and then to wireless printers, HP is reinventing its printer range.

To print any document from the Hp printer using an Android device, one can simply connect printer and Android device to wifi connections and proceed with the steps. One can also print by installing the printing application that is supported by the Android latest operating system. One can also set up by following the guidelines in the manual handbook given by HP. Here in this article, we will tell you the steps on how to print from Android Phone to Hp Printer. This can be done in two ways. One by setting Hp print service plugin and other by cloud printing.

Step 1.) Print using Hp Print Service Plugin Application.

  • On the Android device, install the Hp print service plugin application. If already installed check for the update and update it.
  • After installation, select the option to turn on the Hp print service.
  • Open the document that you want to print and right click on it to get the “Print” option.
  • After clicking printing option, a print preview page will pop up that will tell the look of the document that you want to print.
  • Now select your printer by clicking “Select a Printer” and tap down arrow.
  • After selecting your printer from the displayed printers list, click on the printer.
  • Now if required you can change the printing settings by clicking the down arrow. Select “Print”.

Step 2.) Print using Cloud service.

  • Before printing, Google Cloud Print Service must be turned on using any active Google account. Below are the steps to activate the service.
  • Open Google Chrome browser and click go to Settings from the top right corner of the search bar.
  • Click to Advanced and go to “Printing”.
  • Click “Google Cloud Print”. And sign in if asked.
  • Select the printers that you want add by clicking “Add Printer(s)”.

The printer is now linked with the Google Account and almost ready to print.

  • Open the chrome Application in your android device.
  • Now open the file, image or document that you want to print.
  • Click to “More” option that is available to the right of the address bar.
  • Now click on “Print”. Select the printer that you want to print on.
  • Change the print settings as per your requirement if needed.
  • When you are ready click on “Print”.

The file that you want in hard copy will be printed and you can check that in the printer. One can also print from Android phone to Hp wireless printer. HP has also introduced such wireless printers so that the hassle of long wires is avoided.

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