How to Install Xerox Printer Driver on Mac OS

How do I Install Xerox Printer Driver for Macintosh OS

Mac automatically install driver for the printers and scanners. You can also install driver manually. Before downloading any driver you must have the knowledge about the model number of Mac device. Because if you install wrong Xerox driver then it will not compatible with your device. It will also not function properly.

In this article we are discussing about how to install Xerox Printer driver on Mac OS. You can download the Xerox driver from official website of Xerox. You can also install through CD derive. If you are downloading from site then you need to make sure that your device has proper internet connection.

Process to Download and Install Xerox Printer Driver on MAC OS X Device

To install the driver on MAC OS X device you need to find out the model of your Xerox printer. Once you find the model, you can download appropriate driver which is compatible with your device. Visit the official website of Xerox and download the MAC OS X universal binary print driver for your model. To start the downloading accept the end user license agreement. Once your downloading is finished follow the below mentioned steps :

  • Double Click on “Installer” icon.
  • Now the installer will launch on your screen. Click on “Continue”.
  • Read the license agreement and accept it.
  • Now select the location where you want to install the Xerox printer software and Click on “Continue” tab.
  • To perform a standard installation on the disc Click on “Install” button.
  • Now enter your local name administrator name and password in required field and Click “OK”.
  • After this installer will run on your screen.
  • Installer will attempt discover the location on your device.
  • Click on “Continue”.
  • A pop window will appear on your screen which says “Print Queue not created” and then Click on “Continue”.
  • A screen will appear on your screen which will show “The installation was successful”. Click on “Close” tab.

If you are not able to find Xerox Printer Drivers for Mac then you can also download it from the support site. You need to make sure that follow the instruction. You can also get help from support team of Xerox printer to find the suitable driver application according to your need.

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