How to Install HP Printer Software Without CD

Is It Easy To Install HP Printer Without Using CD

If you will issue installing the HP printer software, then it is quite easy to perform this process. Individuals are just required to go by certain guidelines to resolve this specific problem. Customer support team are really helpful on such occasions.

You may have resolved different sets of problems. Here, you can get a resolution to one:-

How to Install HP Printer Software without CD?

Individual needs to ensure that printer has been put close to the PC: There is a number of printers which comes with short USB-to-printer cables. It helps in connecting to the printer to the PC for the direct communication between the printer and the PC.

It is required to plug the USB cable into the PC: It is required that one of the USB ports should be on the side of the laptop or should be at the back of the CPU box.

There is need to turn on the printer: You should tap the printer’s On button to turn on the printer. Individual needs to wait for a minute before you go for the further process.

  • Individual needs to click “Start” and tap the Windows logo that is located in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Now, the “Start” menu will open.
  • You need to enter printers & scanners into “Start”. It will help you to search for the “Printers & Scanners” section of the PC.
  • Tap the option of “Printers & Scanners”. It can be seen at the top of the “Start” windows.
  • Select the option to “Add a Printer or Scanner”. You will see it at the top of “Printers & Scanners” windows.
  • Tap the option of printer’s name. It can be under the “Add a Printer or Scanner” windows. It will bring up the printer’s installation windows.

There is Need to Download the Software:-

  • Individual needs to consult with printer’s manual.
  • There is need to go to the printer manufacturer’s website. Such as, you should go to the for an HP printer.
  • Tap the option of “Printers” tab. All the manufacturing website will vary in appearance, you may have to search around for this option at the top of the page.
  • You need to search for the printer model.
  • Look for a “Software” download link.
  • Tap the link to download the printer’s software.
  • It is required for you to wait until printer’s software will download.
  • Also, there is need to open the software’s folder when you are using Windows.
  • Individual needs to double click on software setup file.
  • It now needs to follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Now, you should try to connect to the printer.

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