What are the basic procedures to install HP Printer driver in Windows 10? Read it on to deem:

Technology brings the comfort while completing pretty easy and complex task. Thereby, if you are connected with the technical devices, it is mandatory to understand the new latest technologies that bestow perfect features and services to continue with the comfortable task. It is all about the HP Printer device that gets updated on a daily basis with the innovative technologies. So if you have opted HP Printer as a family member, I will appreciate your choice.

How to Install HP Printer Driver in Windows 10

HP driver is built into the Windows operating system that can be installed and update its features on your computer device with ease. You don’t need to download anything from a website in order to print, scan, or fax. So before installing you must understand the basic concept for your Windows 10 computer device like Windows update, Antivirus scan, storage of your computer device, printer driver software for your computer device and much more.

Below mentioned steps are teaching you to install HP printer driver on your Windows device:

  • First of all, go to the start button and go to the search for change device installation.
  • Confirm the automatically set up to download driver software and go to the installation settings Windows.
  • Select the yes button and then click save changes and ready to connect the HP Printer to the computer.
  • You can connect your printer via USB, WiFi, and wired connection.
  • Go to the device and printer option and add a Printer device.
  • Click the printer if you can see and press the installation button with the manual settings.
  • Click the next printer and click the Windows Update button and select the add printer through using the TCP/IP if you are using Wi-Fi printer device.
  • Click the next and enter the address and hostname and click next button.
  • Select the driver to install and then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Having completed the task you need to press done button at the end of the procedure.

After installing, check your HP Printer:

Now you can use your HP Printer device and test your printer go to the device and printer button. Select the HP printer and right click to go to the properties and give a text command to ensure your Printer device is working perfectly.

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