How to Fix Paper Jam in HP Printer?

HP offers multiple products which are embedded with the advanced technologies and one of such is the HP Printer. HP introduced a wide range of printers such as a Single printer, multi-functional printer and considerably more.

However, most of the users interface HP issue and wondering for the solution, How to fix HP printer paper jam? There are multiple causes for this issue and quite obvious solution differs. On the off chance, if you are also facing such situation, then go through the steps listed beneath to fix the same.

Troubleshooting HP Printer Paper Jam | Advanced Ways

  • Make sure, there is no any loose paper inside the paper tray. If there is any, then remove it immediately and you may also find the jammed paper under the front cover, don’t remove it from that, do so will cause more problems.
  • Sometimes, paper pressure causes this error, so remove 2-4 papers from the paper pile inside the tray. This reduces the pressure and allows your printer to work smoothly.

Steps to remove the jammed paper from the HP Printer :-

  • On your Printer, you will find the knob; rotate it anti-clockwise to open the door.
  • Thereafter, pull all the jammed paper out of the Printer.
  • Make sure, to remove all the jammed paper.
  • After performing the above process, rotate the knob in the clockwise direction and close the door.

Now, check the movement of the Print carriage. If the same is moving freely, then there is no jammed paper. If it’s not, then unplug the power cord, remove the cartridges and then move the cartridge to the extreme end in a gentle way. Thereafter, remove the papers and rear access door and after that rotate the rollers manually. Now place the rear access door in the position and also the cartridges. After completing the process, plug the power cord into the Printer and check the issue.

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    1. How to Fix HP Printer Paper Jam Problems

      While performing any job using a printer, sometimes printer suddenly stops feeding pages due to which no output is obtained. This indicates that paper might be jammed inside the printer and a Printer Jam error message is obtained.

      If you are facing any HP printer paper jam issue they by opting the enlisted troubleshooting steps you will be able to resolve your problem.

      Steps to fix the hp printer paper jam problems:

      1. Firstly, unplug the power cord and turn off the printer.
      2. Now, turn the dial on the rear access door in the counter-clockwise direction.
      3. After that, pull the door outwards to open it.
      4. You need to clean the pressure rollers on the rear access door using a soft cloth that should be lightly moistened with filtered water.
      5. After doing so, wait for some minutes so that the rollers get dry.
      6. If there are any jammed papers that is accessible from the rear access door then remove it.
      7. If you are unable to remove the jammed paper from the rear access door then carefully remove it from the front of the printer.
      8. If there are any remaining paper, remove it from the input tray.
      9. If any paper is damaged or crumpled then remove it and then re-stack and reload the paper into the input tray.
      10. After doing so, you need to reinstall the rear access door and reconnect the power cord to the printer.
      11. Turn on the printer are start working with it.

      After following the above-mentioned steps, you will be able to resolve your problem and if the problem persists then you can feel free to contact the customer service any time round the clock.

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