How to Fix HP Printer Not Turning On

Get an emphatic way to fix HP Printer not turning ON issue

HP Printer is one of the finest devices of the HP products. It offers great and numerous highlights which make the documentation work simpler. Despite having so many good features, the printer undergoes an Outage and due to the same users interfaces an issue.

A large portion of the users detailed the issue “HP Printer not turning ON”, there are different reasons for the same, such as the power link is damaged, Printer isn’t getting the AC supply, or Power catch isn’t working appropriately. So before moving to the solution, you have to identify the correct reason for this issue. Here, you will get the complete technique to discover the issues of the HP Printer and the solutions as well.

How to fix HP Printer not Turning On?

  • First of all, unplug the cables from the Printers.
  • Remove the Power cable from the wall outlet and insert another electrical machine to ensure the wall outlet is working legitimately. If it is working fine, then plug the Printer into the wall outlet and turn ON the Printer. If the issue still stays, then supplant the power cable.
  • Even after replacing the power cable, you are getting an issue, then press and release the power button. If the printer does not turn ON, then do this progression once more. At some point, the Printer takes few times to react. If the problem still remains, then it is confirmed that the issue is from the Power button. You have to fix the same with the help of the geeks.
  • If still endure an issue, then unplug the USB connector and afterwards turn ON the printer with another one. If the Printer turns ON, then it is confirmed that the issue is from the side of the USB connector. Replace the same with the new one.

These are the real causes which prevent the HP Printer to turn ON. After applying the steps carefully, you can access the HP Printer in an effective manner. Most of the times, these solution fixes the issues. In case, if the issue continues after applying the above-mentioned steps, then contact the support group for the assistance.

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    1. Go through following to fix the issue of HP Printer not turning on!

      If you have the HP printer and you get the issue of hp printer not turning on, you are required to go through the following procedure to turn it on. The document covers basic and advanced troubleshooting steps:

      1. Check if there is a tight connection among the devices.
      2. Go through the following steps for internal power supply. You are required to reset the power supply and you can test the wall outlet with the following steps:
      3. You can unplug the printer and reset the internal power module and you can also test the power by plugging another appliance into the wall outlet and you can also reconnect the printer.
      4. You are required to disconnect the power cord from the printer rear.
      5. Now, you need to unplug the power cord from the wall outlet, surge protector or power strip.
      6. You are required to plug another appliance into the wall outlet while the printer is unplugged and also, you are required to turn it on and ensure that outlet works.
      7. If still hp printer not turning on, then, check your printer into other power outlets and check if it works.
      8. Also, check if the printer power button works properly.
      9. Ensure if the power cord is connected to the printer rear.
      10. You can start a Power on/off cycle by pressing and releasing the power button.
      11. You can also replace the power module or the printer:
      12. If the replacement power module is unavailable, you are required to service or replace the printer.
      13. However, if the replacement power module is available, but you are not willing to replace it, you are required to get the printer to have the service or replace it.

      With the above process, you can solve the issue of hp printer not turning on.

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