How to Fix HP Printer Not Printing

Quick and Easy Way to Fix HP Printer Not Printing Issue

We all have heard about the printers. Printer is one of the most crucial innovations of our life. It has drastically changed our world so that can we can transfer any physical information from a paper one part of the world to another part instantly. This technology has over the course of time has made printing and scanning accessible to everyone. There is plenty of Printing making companies in the world. One such printing making company in the world is “HP”.

HP is one of the most popular and leading name in the printer making domain. Apart from that it’s a popular brand in IT industry and have tons of experience in making strong hardware and quality software. But user do faces certain issue while working on HP printer. One of the common problem user faces is jamming of the paper, or Ink cartridges problem and many more. One of the common issue user face is how to fix HP Printer not printing.

You can contact the support team or follow this simple procedure:

  • You need to first check what is the error message is indicating in case of not printing it.
  • If there is a certain particular message pointing to the problem then it’s good. But In case if it doesn’t then one has to check for the network connectivity.
  • Make sure that your Printer is connected via USB or Ethernet cable in case if HP printer cannot print.
  • In case, if anyone is using WiFi printer then make sure that Wi-Fi is enabled and its properly configured and within the limited range.
  • You can also make certain that printer driver and software are properly installed on the computer.
  • In case if anyone is missing then one can go to their website and look for the appropriate support driver and software and download as well as install it fix the concerning issue.

But In case if you ever face any issue while resolving the HP printer won’t print then one can contact the HP Printer technical support. They have an excellent support team which are highly qualified and have tons of expertise in their domain to make sure that whatever be the problem must be resolved quickly and on immediate basis with proper manner. They work 24*7/365 days a week to fix the issue on their customer grievances.

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    1. Know how to resolve Hp printer not printing?

      A lot of situations faced by the HP printer their printer does not print and shows some unexpected error. There could be varied reasons behind the not printing problem of HP printer. But it doesn’t mean you can’t fix this problem. If you are confronting the same problem and don’t know how to fix HP printer not printing issues, then read this article and follow the mentioned steps.

      Follow the below steps to fix HP printer not printing:

      1. First of all, make sure that your printer is properly connected to your device via USB cable and power source. If you are using a wireless printer, then check your internet connection.
      2. Ensure that your printer driver is updated to the latest version. You may also update or reinstall the printer driver.
      3. Check the ink level by removing the ink cartridge from your printer.
      4. Open the printer settings in your computer and then ensure that your HP printer is checked for the printer activities.
      5. Restart your printer along with your computer.

      With these above-given steps, HP printer not printing problem can very easily resolve. If you are not able to resolve, then contact with HP printer support team for better assistance.

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