How to Find IP Address of Printer

An IP address is one of the most important parts used to vide the internet service address and lots of things related to the network. There are many situations come when your network based printer stopped working and then you find the IP address of your printer to resolve the problems. But most of the users don’t know about their printer’s IP address which is not a complex thing but difficult for those who never do that before. If you don’t know how to find the IP address of a printer, then read this article very carefully and learn about the various ways to find an IP address of your Printer.

Method# 1

Find on your Computer

If you want to see your printer’s IP address, then you can also see it on your computer which is very simple and easy. For this, follow the below instructions:

  • Go to the start menu in your computer which is available on the bottom left corner of the screen and then click on Control Panel.
  • Click on Devices and Printers.
  • Now under the Printers and Faxes, your printer should be shown and then check your printer’s model number with it.
  • Now right click on the printer and then click on Properties.
  • After that, click on the General tab where you can see an option Labeled and then you can easily see your printer’s IP address.

Method# 2

Printer Menu

With the help of using your printer menu, you can also see the IP address of your printer. A lot of printers contains their IP address on the main screen or you can also try the below steps:

  • Press the Menu or Setup button on your printer that IP address you want to know.
  • Now go to Networking or Network Setup menu using the relevant button on your printer and then press the Enter.
  • Now you can use the arrow button to open the available network and then choose an option such as TCP/IP, Network Status or IP address to see the IP address settings.
  • After that, you can easily see your printer’s IP address.

Method# 3

Command Prompt

With the help of command prompt, you can also find your printer IP address via below steps:

  • First of all, press the Windows key in your computer and then type cmd and then press the Enter.
  • Now a box will open where you need to type the netstat-r and then press the Enter.
  • Now a list of available printer connects to the network will appear and you can see your printer’s IP address easily.

Method# 4

Ethernet Port

Every network printer with the in-built Ethernet port mostly gives a menu button that let allow seeing the IP address regarding the printer. And you can also visit your printer’s configuration page to see the IP address.

Method# 5

Use the Router

You can also find your printer IP address by using the router if you connected your printer on the same network provided by the router.

  • Open a web browser in your computer and then go to the https// that will redirect to the official login page of your router.
  • Now login to your router account by using your username and password.
  • After that, you will be logged in and then look for the DHCP Client Table under the Local Network section. This section will be different according to printer manufacturers and you can manage as per your printer’s model.
  • Now open the lost of network and then you can see the IP address of your printer.

Method# 6


Suppose your networked printer utilizes DHCP, then you can also very easily use your printer IP address. You would need to connect your printer to the router and then go to the DHCP status page where you can find the IP address of your printer. Now router will show all the printer or devices using the IP address and then you can very easily find your printer’s IP address.

So after following the above-described methods, you can very smoothly see the IP address of your printer in a very simple and easy manner.

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